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It’s Been 100 Years Since Titanic’s Rescue Ship: Celebrating Carpathia

It’s Been 100 Years Since Titanic’s Rescue Ship: Celebrating Carpathia

July 17th marked the 100th anniversary of RMS Carpathia’s sinking, the vessel that rescued more than 700 passengers from Titanic in 1912.

Titanic Belfast partnered with the Belfast Titanic Society to recall the ship’s career highlights.

By the time Carpathia was sunk by a torpedo off the coast of Ireland in 1918, it had already been thrown into the limelight more times than ships twice its age.

The organizations have joined with great granddaughter of Captain Arthur Rostron, Janet Rostron- who conducted Carpathia’s Titanic rescue mission through dangerously icy waters- to contact relatives of Titanic survivors and Carpathia crew members.

The collection of their stories were intended for an exhibition that is on display onboard SS Nomadic from July 17th to August 17th.

“As Captain Rostron’s great granddaughter, I’m keen to find out what happened to those who were saved and those who did the saving on that fateful night,” Janet Rostron said in a statement.

I’m asking for relatives of both the passengers who were rescued and the crew members of the Carpathia to send their stories to media@titanicbelfast.com before June 30th, 2018 to be part of the exhibition.

These will be curated by the experts at Belfast Titanic Society, and a selection will be displayed.”

The roles Carpathia played (passenger ship, rescue vessel and WWI troop transport) were crucial and will be highlighted by the exhibit.

Judith Owens, Titanic Belfast’s Chief Executive, commented: “Titanic Belfast tells the story of Titanic, from her conception in Belfast to her famous maiden voyage and tragic end, and Carpathia plays a pivotal role in the story.

This summer, we want Carpathia, the action she took and the lives she saved to take center stage.”

Last year, it was announced Blue Marble Private and OceanGate Inc. had partnered together to offer eight-day journeys that include an exclusive submarine ride to visit RMS Titanic.

It is limited to nine passengers per trip and will cost approximately $105,000 per person.


What do you think of the news today? Do you think it’s respectable to celebrate 100 years since Carpathia? Do you have any distant relatives who sailed onboard the vessel, or Titanic itself? Leave us your comments…

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