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Ten Of The World’s Most Weird, Yet Wonderful Hotels

Ten Of The World’s Most Weird, Yet Wonderful Hotels

We’ve all been there after a perfect cruise when you wish you could stay on holiday longer. You’ve had the time of your life and you don’t want to leave… not just yet!

This can often lead you to decide to extend your cruise the next time you book and start looking at hotels to stay in before or after your sailing. A cruise and stay holiday is the perfect way to extend your holiday, or to add on an extra destination to your travels!

The problem is… there are some weird and wonderful hotels out there. We took a look to find some of the strangest hotels out there that you’ve probably never heard of.

Read on to find out where to avoid on your next travels!

Dog Bark Park Inn, (Idaho) America  

Dog lovers amongst you will go barking mad (sorry, we couldn’t resist) for the Dog Bark Park Inn. This unusual hotel in Idaho is in reaching distance if you have ended your cruise in Seattle or San Francisco and is shaped like a beagle. Yes – really! Inside the dogs head you’ll find the main quarters with a bed and bathroom and you can peek out the windows for a view of the endless green land around it. All of the rooms are decorated with dog carvings and memorabilia. If you’re a cat lover, this isn’t the hotel for you…

Hotel Costa Verde, (Costa Verde) Costa Rica

This hotel allows you to stay in a fully refurbished Boeing 727! The aircraft has a two bedroom suite for guests to enjoy and perches over the tree tops of the rainforest in Costa Verde. It acts almost like a tree house looking out at the surrounding area and certainly would prove to be a memorable place to rest your head. However, you will pay quite dearly for the privilege as you may have to fork out up to $750 daily in certain seasons for a set of rooms!

Karostas Cietums, (Liepāja) Latvia

You could extend a Baltic cruise with a stay in Latvia… and stay in a prison themed hotel! Karostas Cietums lets you live the life of a prisoner for what the owners promise will be “a dark and dismal night!” Considered to be Latvia’s answer to Alcatraz, this hotel will give you rationed food, prison beds and prisoner tasks to complete. Those after a night of luxury need not apply…

Dream Cave Hotel, (Cappadocia) Turkey 

The Dream Cave Hotel (also known as the Fairy Chimney Hotel) genuinely looks like a fairy grotto carved into the surrounding rock. The strange turrets are filled with rooms and provide cave like spaces for guests to rest their head. You won’t be promised a fairy sighting, but what you will find is an eclectic mix of furniture and guests.

Treehotel, (Harads) Sweden

This hotel room is so modern it actually blends into its surroundings! The Mirrorcube is part of the Treehotel in Sweden and is a double bed accommodation for guests in a 4x4x4 metre space. Whilst a little claustrophobic, you’ll get back to nature as you are nestled in-between trees, wildlife and the Lule River and there won’t be soul around to keep you awake with noise!


Marmara Antalya, (Antalya) Turkey

If you like your hotels on the move then this is for you – as the Marmara Antalya in Turkey literally revolves! It does so at a pace so slow you won’t feel the building moving, but you’ll be able to enjoy a 360 view of the Cliffside resort. Definitely a whirl away from your average hotel.

Sun Cruise Resort, (Jeongdongjin) South Korea

This stranded looking cruise ship is actually a hotel in South Korea which is similar to Royal Caribbean’s Sovereign Class ships. The rooms inside are a little larger than those you would find on a cruise ship and you’ll find a salt water pool as well as speakers that play the crashing sounds of waves. We don’t know about you – but we’d rather be on a real ship!

Faralda Crane Hotel, (Amsterdam) Netherlands

Head for heights in the Faralda Crane Hotel which is (yep, you guessed it) shaped like a crane! The hotels panoramic elevator will take you to a selection of suites and the hotel is jokingly called “the most romantic place to stay on earth”. We’re not quite sure why.

Palacio de Sal, (Salar De Uyuni) Bolivia

Have you ever stayed in a hotel and worried that it might dissolve if it rains heavily? Well if not, then when not stay at the Palacio de Sal, made entirely from 1 million blocks of salt! The hotel even has a ruling that you are not allowed to lick the walls to stop them from being worn away. To each their own!

The Bubble Hotel, (Allauch) France

And saving the weirdest until last… what do you think of these “Bubble Hotel” rooms? Literally made from bubbles of plastic, these rooms in a woodland area offer guests a chance to get back to nature. The bubbles can also be covered up at night to give guests some privacy. Personally, we think we’d prefer a tent, but the hotel promises to deliver guests with a cocoon all their own and an ambient experience.

Have you ever stayed in one of these hotels? Would you want to? Let us know in the comments below! Or do you fancy a cruise with a guarantee that you won’t be in one of these unusual hotels? Have a look at one of our Tailor Made deals (here) or speak to one of our specialist cruise consultants!

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