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10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do on a Cruise Ship

10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do on a Cruise Ship

Cruise ships have come a long way since their launch in the early 20th century… Some would say that they are now more like floating cities, making them more entertaining than even the destination that you are sailing to!

There are now endless varieties of activities available from the comfort of your ship. From surfing, to snow rooms, from go karting to top spas – you’ll find yourself not actually wanting to leave the ship!

Read on to find out all about the things you never knew you could do on a cruise ship…

Go Surfing

You’re probably thinking we mean once you port, hop on the beach and go surfing, but we’re not. Surfing is quickly becoming a popular on board activity with the installation of Flow Rider Surf Simulators. If you’re a beginner wanting to learn, there are coaches on board that offer lessons. Or if you’re already an avid surfer just fancying a brush up before you hit the beach, you can take advantage of the simulator.


Warning: If you wipe out on a Royal Caribbean Flow rider, you’ll be featured on a huge flat screen in their very own Wipe Out! Bar. Meaning everyone will get a front row seat to your fail!


Travel Through Time

Well, not literally – on the new Harmony of the Seas you can visit Boardwalk, an amazing 1950’s themed neighbourhood – yes, you heard right. NEIGHBOURHOOD. Including a gorgeous handcrafted carousel and American diner’s such as: Johnny Rockets and the Boardwalk Dog House! You’ll be feeling like you’ve crossed into a different time period!



Fly Like Superman!

Also aboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships is the unique opportunity to sky dive with the new iFly simulators, which offers all the feeling of free falling without the heart stopping drop. Making this a perfectly safe way to fly just like Superman!



Experience a Floating Water Park

If you love being in the water as much as you love being on it, then a Carnival cruise could be for you. Boasting the largest fleet of floating water parks; if you’re after staggering slides hop aboard the Carnival Dream, where you’ll find an incredible 312-foot twister slide, as well as racers and drops that will have your heart in your mouth!



Watch a Broadway Show

Who needs to go to New York to see a classic Broadway show? Royal Caribbean brings us ‘Broadway at Sea’ offering you a unique opportunity to see those incredible performances, without having to leave the ship! Rock out to Rock of Ages or howl along to Cats – don’t forget to book in advance though, tickets sell out fast!


Win Big

Most modern ships have on board casinos that will rival Las Vegas itself! Don’t want to break the bank? Have a go on everyone’s favourite: slots, or play big with some table games such as; blackjack or roulette. If it’s a real game you’re after cruise lines Norwegian and Carnival hold tournaments that attract big players from all across the globe!



Shop Until You Drop

Fancy a spot of shopping? Now you don’t even need to leave the ship! Princess Cruises have top end boutiques featuring big names: Swarovski, Calvin Klein and Clinique. So you’ll be able to treat yourself to something special. That’s not even the best bit! With tax and duty free savings you can save up to 30% off RRP’s. Spend away with none of the guilt!



Skate the High Seas

The absolute last thing you’d expect to do on a Mediterranean cruise right? Many Royal Caribbean ships now have ice rinks! You can skate the high seas completely free of charge, and they even host themed discos – imagine doing the time warp on ice! If you’re lucky, you may even bump into a world class skater who occasionally make appearances!



Pamper Yourself

For those looking for a spot of pampering you’ll be pleased to know that many ships now have their own spas! There are healthy food bars boasting carefully created menus for the calorie conscious, and fully equipped gyms that would rival the top London ones! If it’s an extra treat you’re after some ships even feature spa cabins for the ultimate relaxing experience. Inside you’ll find luxury spa products and showers with multiple settings, only the sound of the spas steam rooms, pools and hot tubs will tempt you out of your room!



Catch a Flick

Has a new film come out that you’re worrying about missing? Well worry no longer! Now aboard your ship you can catch the latest blockbusters. Some ships will have their own dedicated cinema, such as Carnival that has its very own IMAX, and some have an on deck screen, enabling you to enjoy the glorious ocean views whilst you watch the new releases!


Does it surprise you to learn of some of the things you can now do aboard a ship? Do any of the activities sound particularly interesting to you? Let us know and comment below!

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