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10 Signs You’re An Ultra Luxury Cruiser

10 Signs You’re An Ultra Luxury Cruiser

We all love a bit of luxury, don’t we? And it doesn’t get more luxurious than cruising with 6-star cruise lines who sail the seas with everything taken care of. Imagine personal butlers at your beck and call, walk-in wardrobes, suites larger than some houses, and cabins that come with their own personal spa.

Here you won’t just be one of the masses, you’ll be part of a ship with fewer passengers and far more space to relax. You’ll even feel like a VIP with staff that will almost instantly know your name… It all sounds like absolute bliss to us!

But how do you tell if you’re a true luxury connoisseur? Do you really know your stuff when it comes to ultra-luxury? Read on to find out if you’re a real ultra-luxury cruiser, or what it takes to be one!

1) You Count Down Until The Launch Of New Luxury Ships

You’re eagerly awaiting the launch of Regent Seven Seas Splendor and the Silversea Silver Moon to decide on your new favourite ship. You’ve studied the deck plans, googled the images and read our exclusive insight into the most expensive luxury ship’s at sea below…

Click here to view exclusive details of Regent Seven Seas new ship arriving 2023

ultra luxury

2) You’re A Fine Food Fiend

Because let’s face it, there’s no better food at sea than on luxury cruise ships! With so many partnerships with famous celebrity chefs, luxury cruise ships are the perfect place to enjoy a six-course extravaganza to remember.

Oceania cruises claim to have the finest food at sea and have famous chef Jacques Pépin who acts as their Executive Culinary Director. He designs menus and Oceania promise that he even inspires their chefs to perform gastronomic wizardry… On Silversea cruises, you can expect to enjoy the partnership with prestigious grand chefs Relais & Châteaux. They provide the freshest ingredients and have a reputation as some of the finest chefs in the whole world. Certain sailings even have a culinary school on-board as well as a showcase of world-renowned wines.

When you get home from your cruise your meagre bowl of carbonara just won’t cut it!

ultra luxury food

3) You’re Savvy With What You Spend

Those of you who like to watch your wallet and make your hard-earned money stretch further know what great value luxury cruising is. You’ll often get absolutely everything included! On Regent even the drinks in your mini-bar are free and the majority of luxury cruises allow you to drink whatever you want, whenever you want, for no extra charge.

Shore excursions are also included and you’ll get transfers and gratuities included in the price of many sailings. The price of all of these add-ons makes a luxury cruise work out cheaper than other cruises where you have to pay for everything separately. For the savvy traveller – luxury is always best!

ultra luxury excursion

4) You Always Want To Get To The Heart Of Your Destination

So you’ve paid for your cruise, looked at your itinerary… but wait. You’ve booked onto a ship so large that you’ll have to dock miles and miles away from your port! That’s where luxury cruisers win every time because their smaller ships can get into ports much closer to your destination.

They can also take you to once-in-a-lifetime destinations such as the Galapagos (in the case of Silversea), because luxury cruising is all about where you’re sailing to. You’ll also be able to get even closer to the local culture by attending immersive Azamazing evenings with Azamara by spending time with the locals or enjoying escorted tours of the local area.

ultra luxury destinations

5) You’re A Loyal Points Member

Unlike some other cruise lines, luxury cruises have a very loyal fan base! You won’t catch a luxury cruiser jumping from ship to ship. In fact, certain sailings will often be sold out years in advance! Fewer cabins means more demand and you’re likely to make friends you’ll meet again and again on luxury sailings.

It’s also a great way to tot up loyalty points with your cruise line to receive special extras, like money off your next cruise or an upgraded room.

ultra luxury welcome

6) You Even Have Their Stationery

Those who love their ultra-luxury are the kind of people who’ll even keep their cruise lines stationery! The bathroom amenities included in that of course. But why shouldn’t you when the free toiletries in your bathroom are likely to be more expensive than those you use at home?

Seabourn treat guests to Molton Brown goodies and Regent give guests L’Occitaine products. Better than the combination shampoo and shower gel you get in most cruise lines, eh?

ultra luxury room

7) You’re All About That Country Club Feeling

Luxury cruise lines have relaxed dress codes because they want you to be comfortable… but that doesn’t mean scruffy! Unlike other ships where freedom to dress how you want leads to flip-flops and belly tops in the main dining room, luxury cruise ships have that distinctly country club feel.

There will still be some formal nights on-board but these are all optional. Whatever the cruise, you can always be guaranteed an elegant affair.

ultra luxury

8) You’re A Spa Addict

In our opinion, one of the very best features of ultra-luxury cruising is the spas, as many are simply out of this world! Favourites of avid spa-attendees include: the Canyon Ranch Spa on Oceania and the 9,000 square foot spa on the Seabourn Odyssey, Sojourn and Quest.

The new Regent Seven Seas explorer even has suites that are part spa! Sounds like bliss to us…

ultra luxury spa bath

9) You Want An Extra Special Holiday

Because after all, ultra-luxury cruises are far out of the ordinary! You’re travelling because you want to experience something extra special, such as eating caviar brunch in the sea with Seabourn or enjoying unlimited shore excursions with Regent.

These cruise lines will go the extra mile to make you feel right at home and show you the likes of which you’ll never find anywhere else.

ultra luxury pool

10) You Like To Be Welcomed Back On-Board Like An Old Friend

Ultra-luxury cruises aren’t all about the masses, they’re about you! From having a complimentary glass of champagne waiting for you upon arrival, to your waiter instantly knowing your name. You’ll feel like you’re coming home on a luxury cruise.

ultra luxury

So there you have it! If you’re interested in taking an ultra-luxury cruise, have a look at some sailings here… 

Are you an ultra-luxury cruiser? Would you like to be? Have you sailed with any of these lines before? Let us know in the comments and discover more about luxury cruising below…


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