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10 Reasons Why You Should Cruise With Saga Cruises

10 Reasons Why You Should Cruise With Saga Cruises

Renowned for offering cruises exclusively for the over 50’s, Saga Cruises has welcomed guests aboard its ships for over 20 years. But what is it about Saga Cruises that attracts guests time and again and has ensured their cruises have remained popular for such an extended period of time? Below, we share ten reasons why you should cruise with them:

1. The benefits of the British

Saga Cruises’ ships are registered in Britain, meaning they have to meet the highest standards in maritime regulations. But being British also offers excellent convenience if you are travelling from the UK.

Saga Ocean Cruises leave from the UK ports of Dover and Southampton, so there is no need to fly. They also offer a UK door-to-door service, with the option of a chauffeur service of up to 250 miles each way, domestic flights, coach or train travel, or free parking at the port, included in your cruise fare.

2. Modern, boutique ships

All the ships in Saga Cruises’ fleet were built between 2019 and 2020, so they are up-to-date with many of the latest design developments in the cruise industry.

Their ships are smaller, carrying no more than 987 guests onboard, which creates a boutique cruising experience. This more intimate atmosphere allows for shared experiences, where other guests become good friends. And, of course, shorter queues!

3. Great for solo travellers

Having won silver and gold awards for the Best Large Singles Holiday Company Award at the respected British Travel Awards, Saga Cruises knows what’s needed for an excellent experience as a solo traveller. It offers exclusive activities for solo guests, including an early ‘Singles Mingle’ drinks party, so you can get to know others at the start of your holiday.

Their Daily Programme is designed to encourage like-minded people to come together, and the open-seating dining arrangement means you don’t have to worry about eating alone. Saga’s ships also have a far higher proportion of single cabins, giving you a wider choice of accommodation in different grades.

4. A private balcony in every cabin

Having a balcony in your cabin can make a real difference to your cruise experience, allowing you to step outside and watch the rolling ocean waves. On Saga Cruises, every cabin has a balcony, so you’ll always be guaranteed this fantastic view.

5. All-inclusive dining

All food and drink are included on holidays with Saga Cruises. That means every drink in the bar, whether it’s beer, wine or a cocktail, every meal, even in speciality restaurants, and all tea, coffee and soft drinks.

6. Sightseeing included

You can enjoy a variety of included excursions at selected ports with Saga. The cruise line has specially designed these excursions to showcase the best of what’s on offer at the destination. From stunning natural landscapes to intriguing historical sites, their timetable of excursions is curated to cater for a range of tastes.

7. Loving life at sea

Saga Cruises has a fantastic range of facilities on its ships, with activities to keep everyone interested. Get energised in the gym or relax in the spa, curl up to a bestselling book selected from the ship’s well-stocked library or take part in a craft or dance class.

There are the traditional cruise favourites, too, including shuffleboard and deck quoits. For entertainment, there are West End-style productions at the Playhouse Theatre and classical concerts or live shows in The Club by Jools.

8. Extras covered

With Saga Cruises, there’s no worry of hidden costs or forgetting something important; all the essentials are included in the fare. Onboard gratuities, free Wi-Fi and 24-hour room service are just a few of the extras that are taken care of as part of your cruise package.

9. Enjoying the formalities

Although cruises often now take a more relaxed approach to dining, it’s still nice to dress up every now and again. Saga Cruises hosts at least one formal evening on every cruise lasting five days or more, giving you a chance to don a sequined dress or tux and tails and enjoy an elegant champagne dinner.

10. Dining Options

From breakfast in bed to dining à la carte in speciality restaurants. You’ll be able to choose whatever takes your fancy onboard a Saga cruise. The chefs onboard their ships will prepare whatever dish you fancy all using local flavours and fresh ingredients. If you’re feeling peckish between meals, they’ll be snacks available any time of the day to ensure you never go hungry.

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