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1 in 5 People Admit to Cheating on a Cruise

1 in 5 People Admit to Cheating on a Cruise

The www.CRUISE.co.uk team recently wrote an article about sexual health on cruise ships (which you can read here) and how many cruise lines now stocked sexual health products like condoms, sexual lubrication and pregnancy test kits.


MSC Cruises came top of our list, stocking all of the above as well as providing the morning after pill on prescription. When asked to comment Giles Hawke, MSC Cruises executive director of UK & Ireland, said: “We are committed to ensuring that all of our guests have a safe and worry-free holiday, and part of that means having on-board shops stocked for all eventualities.”


Following on from the article we decided to poll our 200,000 strong cruise community to find out just what does go on aboard cruise ships after they leave port and we’re not sure what we’re more surprised by – the results of the survey or what people were happy to admit to!

Have you ever had sex with someone on a cruise other than your husband, wife or partner?


When asked nearly one in five people admitted that yes, they had in fact cheated on their significant other whilst on a cruise.

Perhaps more surprising though was the follow on question…..


Was your husband/wife/partner onboard at the time


81.51% admitted that yes they were!

Where? How? The www.CRUISE.co.uk team have done a lot of cruises over the years but with the exception of the odd swinger’s cruise (which we haven’t tried by the way) we can’t say we’ve ever noticed anything like this; where do people find the time? Between breakfast, lunch, shore excursions dinners, sunbathing and shows we’re amazed anyone has the energy!


Have you ever bought a sex toy on a cruise with you


OK, we admit we asked this one with tongue firmly embedded in cheek but 12% of people happily admitted that they’d never cruise without their favourite sex toy!


The www.CRUISE.co.uk team have known for years that the old stereotypes of cruising being the preserve of the elderly were wrong, you only needed to look at the family friendly facilities of cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines or Carnival Cruises to see that.

It’s good to see though that the people cruising are so sexually liberated (quite apart from all the cheating obviously).


Will it be long before we see the first Anne Summers franchise at sea?

Whatever happens (and you can quote us on this) cruising is certainly no longer just for the old!

Compare which cruise lines sell condoms or the morning after pill here


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