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Cruise Reviews - Azamara

About Azamara Cruises

Azamara cruises are a relatively new line who sprung to the cruising scene in 2007. Their luxury five star ships are owned by the same company who look after Royal Caribbean - but that’s where the similarities end! The small fleet is made up from two ships, the Azamara Journey and the Azamara Quest. Both joined the company in 2007 and have since been refurbished in 2012 and 2013.

These small ships are a far cry from the mammoth mega ships of other lines. Instead, you can expect to find boutique style vessels with an intimate number of passengers and a relaxed atmosphere. With just over 600 guests on each ship you aren’t able to lose your partner at the buffet or be fighting for a sunbed. So sit back, relax and let Azamara sail you away…

Would you like Azamara cruises?

You would if you…

  • Like the feel of a small ship where staff will learn your name
  • Enjoy travelling all-inclusive with free flowing wine, beer and spirits
  • If you’re well-travelled and want to continue to explore the world by visiting ports that
  • Oher, larger ships can’t reach

You can find out more about what it’s like to travel with Azamara by reading our Introduction to Azamara here!

Entertainment On-Board Azamara

So what can you expect to do on an Azamara ship? One thing many people fear about small ships is that there will be nothing to do - but that is where you’re wrong…

Azamara ships have a pool, whirlpools, an on-board spa, gym, theatre, lounges, live music, wine tasting workshops, lectures, a casino, luxury shops and much, much more. Whether you want to spend your evening overlooking the sea from your comfy chair in the Looking Glass Lounge with a cocktail in hand or want to try your luck in the Luxe casino, you’ll have plenty to do with Azamara!

In the mornings you could be take a Pilates class, spend the afternoon learning how to use Photoshop before spending your evening watching a show performed by a troupe of Turkish belly dancers. The world is your oyster!

Azamara’s Dining Experience

As you’d expect from a five star line, the dining options are particularly sumptuous. All passengers are able to eat in the Discoveries Restaurant which is the main restaurant on each ship. Here you can expect to find New York strip steak, Tahitian vanilla crème brûleè or chicken consume with chives and sherry.

There are also two speciality dining restaurants called Prime C and Aqualina. Prime C is home to thick cuts of meat that you’d find in any fine American steakhouse. Enjoy tastes of macadamia nut crusted tiger prawns, or a mix grill of tender lamb, chicken or pork.

In Aqualina you’ll experience the tastes of Italian coastal cuisine with a menu inspired by dishes from a fusion of Greek, African and Mediterranean flavours. Meals include lobster bisque soup, pan seared Chilean sea bass and a goat’s cheese soufflé.

Casual dining venues include:

  • The Pool Grill (which is a great place for a burger)
  • The Mosaic Café (where there is a good selection of tea and coffee)
  • The Windows Café Buffet (serving up a wide range of foods such as freshly made pastries and cake)

For something a little more memorable, head to the Chef’s Table, where you’ll feasting on a five course dinner with carefully selected wines chosen for each course. The meal will be hosted by a senior officer or guest speaker to make your evening even more special.

And of course, if you get peckish and don’t want to leave your room – there’s always room service!

Azamara’s Amenities

There are a wide range of amenities on-board to keep you comfortable throughout your stay. Expect to find a welcome basket of fruit, flat screen TV, cotton bathrobes, slippers, fresh cut flowers, turndown treats, 24 hour room service and the use of an umbrella and binoculars, whatever kind of room you’re staying in.

Suite guests will be able to enjoy enhanced amenities which include the service of an English style butler, complimentary speciality dining, afternoon tea, daily hors d’oeuvres, priority check in, complimentary internet minutes and one bottle of vodka, rum, gin and scotch!

Anyone aboard the ship can make use of the vessels self-service laundry room, Wi-Fi and “Daily Pursuits” newsletter.

If you join the Azamara Loyalty club “Le Club Voyage” you can expect to enjoy lots of perks including:

  • Free internet use once on-board
  • Exclusive cocktail parties with you and other select guests
  • Great savings towards on-board purchases

The Dress Code and Staff

Expect to dress resort casual once you are on-board. For women this means dresses, skirts and blouses and men are recommended to wear golf or polo shirts with casual trousers.

The high staff to passenger ratio of one to two means that staff will soon know what your name is, as well as what your favourite cocktail is!

What Makes Azamara Different

It’s the added extras that make Azamara different from the other cruise lines out there.

For example, most cruise lines say they get you closer to your destination than any other, but Azamara actually do! To do this they…

  • Offer tours at night in 100% of the ports of call, so you can see what your destination is like when the nightlife brings it alive!
  • Host overnight stays in port so you can explore the destination at your leisure after sunset
  • Included AzAmazing evenings when you’re in port, where you can have an intimate reception in the heart of your destination

Other little touches include a sophisticated pool party that takes place on every cruise and an all-inclusive attitude that stretches not just to wine and beer- but spirits as well.

Want to read more about Azamara Cruises? Take a look at our Introduction to Azamara Cruises here!

Want to find out more about how you can sail with them? Look at our deals page here!

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