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Sailing from the UK, theres...

By Trevor Smith

Jan 22 2018 10:14:32:000PM

Trevor Smith's blog

I am finding that a lot of my new customers are giving cruise a taste because of the hassles flying, big queues, over the top security, scan this, scan that and then hanging around for 2 hours for your flight, and that’s if it is not delayed. Because of this, the increase in people wanting to sail from the UK has risen. Very much a stress free start to your holiday, no worries over how much luggage you can take, all you need to do is get to the port.But did you know that it is not just ...

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Calling all Canada and Alaska experts

By Kerry James

Jan 22 2018 10:36:36:000AM

Kerry James's blog

So as many of you know this year in May, I will be getting married to my partner Nicholas of 7 years – luckily we have not picked the same date as the Royal Wedding or as the men in my life have told me more importantly not the FA Cup final day.But I now need some help with the planning of my honeymoon so need help and advice on hotels, things to see, excursions etc. Our itinerary is currently flying out with Air Canada to Toronto for 3 nights – and we are thinking of a day tour ...

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Kids should be banned from cru...

By Molly McIntyre

Jan 21 2018 06:05:35:000PM

Molly McIntyre's blog

Well as a mother of four kids I am firmly in the no camp but there are others who are firmly in the yes camp.Me, my four kids, and my DadI think that there are arguments for both sides on this and the main one is the behavior of the children at hand.My children are no angels and they are warned when we go away that they are to treat their elders with respect and to not cause issues with other passengers, however there are times when some of the other passengers should also be responsible for ...

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