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Nanortalik, Greenland

Nanortalik municipality is the southest town of Greenland, and it is included in the territory of West Greenland ("Kitaa"); its official name is "Nanortalik Kommunea". On the southernmost municipal area in Greenland - Nanortalik has a total area of c. 15,000 km2, stretching from Qeqertarsuaq, north-west of Alluitsup Paa on the west coast to the Lindenow Fjord on the east coast and covering the entire Kap Farvel region in the south. It includes some of Greenland's most beautiful fjords, the country's only natural forest and dramatic, rugged mountains. The district's population of 2,700 is divided between the town of Nanortalik itself, five villages and a number of sheep farms. The main occupations are hunting and fishing. Nanortalik was founded as a trading post in 1797 at Sissarissoq, but was moved to the present site in 1830. In addition to a well preserved colonial quarter, the town has an attractive church dating from 1916.

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