You'll Never Believe What This Sea Lion Does Next

September 29, 2015

There are many places in the world where people can live harmoniously with nature and then there are the parts of the world where the local wildlife seems to live a bit too harmoniously with people…

One such area is Santa Cruz in the Galapagos Islands where you might just see a rather unusual guest at the local market that will definitely make you do a double-take!

A sea lion has become a bit of a celebrity and a regular customer with Mr Castro, a local fisherman and fishmonger. Sometimes when filleting his fish and preparing it for sale the sea lion will waddle up to his market stall, stand on her fins and patiently wait in the queue of other customers for the generous fishmonger to spare her a few select cuts.

If you ever visit the island you’re welcome to take pictures but people are urged not to touch the animals or disturb their peace!

Once the sea lion has had her fill she waddles a few meters over to the dock where she’ll dive back into the water only to return a day or two later. Whenever the shopping needs to be done we guess!

It’s heartwarming to see nature and humans living peacefully together and luckily it’s a fairly common sight in the Galapagos Islands where there’s lots of wildlife coexisting with the local people.

Just check out this sea lion’s courtesy in the video below!


Mind you, we’re not sure we would want her sniffing around our food…


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