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    I Sphinx You'll Like This

    The Pyramids of Time
    Amman to Cairo - 16th Nov 2011

    Fly from London and spend two nights in Amman.
    Enjoy a tour of the Omayyad Palace and AD Temple of Hercules.
    Then visit the stunning city of Jerash.

    The next two nights are spent in the ancient city of Petra.
    Taking in sites such as The Dead Sea, Mount Nebo,
    and Al Khazneh, one of the most astonishing archaeological sites in the world.

    On Day 5 you board the beautiful Aegean Odyssey for a fabulous 7 night cruise.
    Aqaba : Sharm El Sheik : Safaga : Sokhna
    Suez Canal : Alexandria : Cairo.
    With guest lecturers onboard, Dr Karen Exell and Dr Stephen Harvey

    After 7 nights of luxury, wind down by staying for two unforgettable nights in Cairo.
    Visit the Pyramids and the Sphinx in Giza.
    and see the Treasures from the Tomb of Tutankhamun

    All this and more for just 2500 per person
    for full details visit HERE or call 0800 408 6155

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    wow, looks fantastic! and only 100 single supp? really? where's the catch?

    always wanted to see Petra

    where's the (solo traveller) catch?


    the keeper Loobyloo, Hugo and Tinkerbell (the cats) and The Cluckingtons (the chickens)


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