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VIKING RIVER CRUISES / Viking Schumann / River Elbe

on 20th Aug 2013, By

We enjoyed cruising with Viking Cruise on the Elbe River last October, that we booked another cruise this fall for the Grand European Cruise. Can't wait! From the day we arrived and were escorted...

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VIKING RIVER CRUISES / Viking Schumann / River Elbe

on 12th Aug 2013, By

We flew to Prague on a two day pre-cruise extension staying in total three nights at the Prague Hilton Pobrezni. The hotel was excellent and Prague was enjoying its hottest week for 60 years! We...

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VIKING RIVER CRUISES / Viking Schumann / River Elbe

on 12th May 2013, By

“The Elegant Elbe” On board Viking cruises MS Clara Schumann, from Prague—Berlin July 2010. There are very few boats that cruise this river because it is shallower &...

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VIKING RIVER CRUISES / Viking Schumann / River Elbe

on 12th Apr 2013, By

Book a cruise down the Elbe from Prague to Berlin in the Spring and hope to get it at a bargain price? This year it meant looking at snow flurries every day. Even crunching through ice on the river...

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VIKING RIVER CRUISES / Viking Schumann / River Elbe

on 12th Mar 2013, By

For some time, the idea of taking a river cruise had appealed to us and after browsing through a number of brochures, we eventually booked Viking River Cruises’ “Elegant Elbe”...

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VIKING RIVER CRUISES / Viking Schumann / River Elbe

on 2nd Mar 2013, By

This cruise really lived up to its name. We started in Berlin and ended in Prague with a night in the Hilton Hotel in both places. After checking in to the hotel we had a walking tour to Checkpoint...

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VIKING RIVER CRUISES / Viking Schumann / River Elbe

on 11th Dec 2012, By

We flew to Prague and were met by an extremely efficient Viking team. We were soon checked into our hotel, The Hilton and had time for an evening stroll. After a morning tour of Prague we were...

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Alana Mills's blog

Mysterious Myth or Superstitio...

By Alana Mills

Ahoy there!Sailors over the years have had many superstitions that they believed in. It is no wonder if you think about it as they navigated around the world with no satellites or ship to shore in-case of an emergency. Also, bear in mind as going to sea is one of the worlds oldest occupations, the time these myths were established, it is only natural that where inexplicable events have occurred, superstition and myth have played a major role in providing reasons for their occurrence.So here ...

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Dec 02 2016 08:00AM

Adonia Returns!

By Freddie Moser

Freddie Moser's blog

So after a little holiday away with parent company Carnival, and operating under the ‘Fathom’ brand, the much loved P&O Adonia is returning to the fleet for 2017 and is now on sale.P&O are offering heavy discount to their past passengers in an attempt to boost their numbers aboard this brilliant little ship.I actually think the prices have been too cheap to be honest, with as much as 50% discount for certain high tier members.My parents are avid P&O cruisers and when t...

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Dec 08 2016 02:46PM

2018 looking good for Princess...

By Trevor Smith

Trevor Smith's blog

Last month Princess Cruises announced its summer European plans for the upcoming 2018 season. The cruise line will have 5 ships based in European waters for the 2018 season.The major change is that the Sapphire Princess will be comimg over from the Far East to Europe for the first time, I think this is to make way for the new Majestic Princess that will be in Asia from May next year.With 57 unique itineraries, visiting 35 countries in Europe this opens open a few more new options for Princess...

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Dec 07 2016 10:51PM