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A Great Winter Get Away.

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Collette Apak's blog

Why Cruise Lines Dont Reall...

By Collette Apak

Amongst my regular customers I have quite a few who travel solo. Some choose to do so as their ‘significant others’ have other things planned or can’t get time off work. Some have either split up from, or have lost their partner and have no choice but to travel on their own. Some go with friends, but want to have the privacy of their own cabin to sleep in.Cruise holidays are a perfect option for people who travel alone. You can have plenty of ‘me-time’, but you ...

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Jun 26 2017 07:19:40:000PM

Oceania cruises. 6 star???? I ...

By Dean Michaelides

Dean Michaelides's blog

I was lucky enough to have been given a free tour and lunch onboard Oceania Nautica. I am very lucky where I live in Southampton. It is very easy for me to get to the port so I can sample these cruise ships for the day. Although you don’t get a true reflection of what it would be like to sail onboard you do get the background history, a tour of the ship and lunch. This gives you a good insight that you can pass on to your customers.I have been on many 4 and 5 star ships however never a ...

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Jun 22 2017 09:32:59:000AM

Discovering Columbus!

By Gina Rowan

Gina Rowan's blog

So if you’ve been following my blogs, you will know that I was invited on board Cruise & Maritime’s latest addition to the fleet – Columbus. To sample the facilities on board, including a sumptuous Lunch & Dinner, as well as an overnight stay. Many of my colleagues had attended the first night festivities on the 8th June, including Fireworks and some lookey-likey celebrities, Caricaturist (if there is such a word?) so it all looked like a fun day and night was ahead...

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Jun 21 2017 11:03:42:000AM