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Independence of the Seas

Overview: This ship’s ‘wow’ factor is its connection with water in its dramatic water theme park on the pool deck – recommended for families with children. There is, however, something for everyone....

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Great Ship, Shame About Some Of The Guests. by Viscount, Harefield

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  • Taylor, Southend-on-sea - Commented on this review

    Thanks for your review. Very interesting! We are cruising on the Indipendence next year and we booked it with some trepidation as we feared all that you have written with regard to Brits and drink. I will read the other review you referred to after this. We too are on the Jewel next year and did the same cruise in 2009. We weren't aware of any problems - drink or otherwise, so I think you are safe! By the way, Joff (with sidekick Steve) was our Cruise Director that time, and we loved the morning TV show with the two of them - it really had us laughing and was a nice start to the day. We have just returned, today, from a day visit of the Aurora, before it sailed for a mini cruise to Zeebrugge. It was our first time setting foot on a P&O cruise ship. We really liked the decor - very tasteful. The meal was no better or worse than RCI. The cabins were smaller than we are used to with RCI, but the prices we were quoted by our guide were quite a lot bigger! This is what has put us off booking P&O in the past. However, you can't beat cruising from the UK. One day we intend to book Celebrity, but can't often do two weeks, so RCI gives us more choice. Happy cruising!

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    • Cummings, BLACKPOOL - Commented on a comment by Taylor (13 Nov 11 13:10)

      Don't worry about any passenger problems on IOS, this reviewer must have just been unlucky, we have been three times on this ship and never encountered any bother, yes there are the football wearing shirts but that does not mean they are chavs or trouble makers (not usually anyway). OK some people still insist on ignoring the dress code on formal nights which can be annoying, oh how I wish RCI would enforce this more and stop these people from entering the dining room. Oh and by the way do not bother reading the review by Baron on the euinox unless you want a laugh as it is a complete spoof, I cannot imagine for one minute that this was meant to be serious because if it was then this person should be shot at dawn or put down.

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    • Taylor, Southend-on-sea - Commented on a comment by Cummings (13 Nov 11 18:43)

      Thank you Cummings. As Viscount said in the above review, when people are encouraged to dress up, their behaviour normally improves accordingly, and I think I agree with that thought. So I am keeping my fingers crossed for IOS! I have read the Baron review and hate to admit I found it very funny. I know it's far from being PC but that made it even funnier for me I'm ashamed to say. I, of course, think its a spoof too.

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    • Viscount, Harefield - Commented on a comment by Taylor (14 Nov 11 14:27)

      Thanks for the info re Jewel. Joff and Steve were the double act on Indy in Jan this year, and did work very well together ! In the past we have found that P & O charge a more expensive headline price, but once onboard most things are cheaper than RCI, so I guess it's swings and roundabouts from that point of view. P & O tend to be more typically "British"........good in some ways, but the passengers tend to turn in early, so if you do like some late night entertainment you may be on your own....

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  • Brian, Manchester - Commented on this review

    I have been on the IOTS this Sept, great ship, but we find that its not as friendly as when you do a Transatlantic say from Malaga,which we did a couple of years ago on the Navigator, the ship was more quirky, better service and maybe because there were lots of Americans/ canadians and many other nationalites it seemed so much friendlier,,,We did enjoy the IOTS but don't think we would go again on her..it was too British....Brian.

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  • Riley, Dewsbury - Commented on this review

    We also were on the same cruise as yourselves and will also mirror what you have said about some of the groups of people onboard. We have actually said that we would now give the independence a miss in future, although it is very convenient to be able to park at the side of the ship. That was the only cruise in fifteen years that I felt I could not leave anything on the table while I went to get breakfast. We have now decided to make sure that the next cruise will have a good selection of United States tourists onboard as they are mostly very polite. I felt ashamed to be British to see how some people behaved towards the cruise staff. Good luck with your cruise to the Baltic, it is a great cruise. Ourselves have booked on NCL Dawn for New England in the fall for next year. BTW great review..

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  • Rogers, Southampton - Commented on this review

    We too were on this cruise and found your review interesting. I think my husband and I have a very similar outlook to you - we are also quite able, and keen, to 'party' with the best and are in the same age group (yikes!). We have not been cruising for as long as you (about 7 years) but have been on the Indy about a dozen times and would echo your comments about some of our fellow guests. We first noted this decline 3/4 cruises ago with our last 2 cruises (January and October 2011) being particularly upsetting. We have been loyal to the Indy, and one more cruise on her is on the cards for February but, if the same atmoshere prevails, it will likely be our last. This is a great sadness because, for us, the Indy used to hit the right note - not too stuffy, not too 'Butlins' - and we have only recently been able to take advantage of the benefits of having Diamond status.

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  • O'eil, St. Helens - Commented on this review

    You have booked arguably, the best itinerary cruise for next year, the Baltic. When you are in St. Petersburg, presumably for two nights, consider booking your "own thing" on line rather than pay through the nose on the ships tour. Ignore the doom mongers who say that you need a visa and can only do a tour via the ship, as the tour that YOU book (should you choose to) will organize everything for you and save you quite a bit as well. Enjoy!! Happy cruising, Dave.

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