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Independence Of The Seas Good Wow Factor. by Vernon, Bolton

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Independence of the Seas

OVERVIEW: This ship’s ‘wow’ factor is its connection with water in the design of a dramatic water theme park on the pool deck – recommended for families with children. It is now based year-round in the UK for cruises from Southampton, although the onboard currency remains the US dollar, which makes

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Independence Of The Seas Good Wow Factor.

Overall Rating: 1


Reviewed By: on
We went on the independence of the seas in June this year, first sights of her were amazing she was very big and certainly the largest ship that we have ever cruised on, we have cruised approximately 9 times the entertainment was OK but I must admit not the best we have had from other cruise lines. we also were very shocked at the prices on the Independence of the seas you see she is American owned and with that comes very expensive drink prices and another really annoying part that got to us was the point that NO drinks or bottles containing liquid were allowed back to your stateroom even when purchased on shore you had to submit them and were confiscated until your last night of the cruise. Myself personally fell poorly with gall bladder pains and needed to see the ships doctor which I must admit they really looked after me and made me feel really comfortable but with that came a whopping big bill to which I had to pay and then a lengthily process of claiming in back on my return to the UK. On a couple of nights we had the street parted in the Royal Promenade as it is so called which is a very large street situated in the belly of the ship, at the time of this party everyone almost was on the street to see the royal parade and with over 3000 guests on this ship made it really uncomfortable as there was a lot of pushing and shoving. During the cruise we kept getting notes and advise on how much we should Tip and to whom this was not automatically applied to your account you had the choice to have it added if you so wished I myself opted to tip the people personally who gave us good service during our two week stay which was a better idea, one other thing that bothered me was the sheer price of souvenirs and just about everything on the ship. Putting the bad points aside she is a fine ship with an excellent dining hall and the food is 5 star she is fourteen storeys high with a small chapel on the very top deck which is very nice I have to say. I think having tried different cruise ships we will probably stick to P+O and Tompson in the future as they are smaller ships but without making you feel like you are a criminal every time that you want to take a bottle to your room that you bought as a gift from one of the ports that you visit, Because after all your on holiday surely you should not be treated like this so to me it’s a thumbs down for the independence of the seas.

Times cruised before: 6-10
Sailed: June, 2009
Age: 46-55
Cabin: Inside
Occasion: Birthday

Quality of Food
Quality of the food is fab we ate mainly in the large dining area and ate mainly steaks

East coast boys

Shore Excursions

Waitress at mealtimes

Children's Facilities

Onboard Activities


Overall Rating
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Opinion: Disagree
Burns -
, COATBRIDGE - Commented about this Review
How the hell can you give this ship 2 stars for onboard activities when there is a flow rider a climbing wall a crazy golf course ice rink boxing ring full size sports court and many more things to do get a life and stop moaning if you take ill on any ship it costs thats why you have insurance.
27 Sep 09 21:59 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
, BOLTON - Commented about this Review
I Must admit i should have perhaps gave more than a one star rating for this ship and was an oversight if i could change it i would change it to a four star.
21 Sep 09 19:43 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Opinion: Disagree
Spartan -
, QUEENBOROUGH - Commented about this Review
I cruised on her in early June although the ship was not to my tastes it’s great for young families so I gave her four stars. I am surprised that having given most of the facilities a high score that the simple fact that you could not take alcohol onboard was sufficient to take the overall score down to one star.
20 Sep 09 22:08 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Chris -
, ROMSEY - Commented about a Comment by Spartan (20 Sep 09 22:08)
Hi Spartan, .........I can understand fairly high individual scores but a low overall rating which we see sometimes on these pages, 'cos the sum of the specified parts don't neccessarily add up to a reviewer's overall experience - if they did there'd be no need to click on an overall rating, the computer could do the maths. .......Poor on-board value, over-crowded pushing&shoving, and general atmosphere were part of this reviewer's experience. And yes, the cruise line's mistrust of clients comes into it. ..........Regards, Chris.
21 Sep 09 10:19 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Spartan -
, QUEENBOROUGH - Commented about a Comment by Chris (21 Sep 09 10:19)
Chris I have defended many peoples overall score being lower in the past but normally they have stated their reasons. Even Vernon on reflection has agreed that perhaps the mark was lower than it should have been.
21 Sep 09 21:27 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Chris -
, ROMSEY - Commented about a Comment by Spartan (21 Sep 09 21:27)
Oh bugga# . LOL ...........regards, Chris.
22 Sep 09 23:01 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Spartan -
, QUEENBOROUGH - Commented about a Comment by Chris (22 Sep 09 23:01)
Never mind maybe next time LOL.
23 Sep 09 21:49 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
carey - , barton upon humber - Commented about this Review
Do they even confiscate soft drinks?
20 Sep 09 16:38 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Appleby -
, Durban South Africa - Commented about this Review
1 star because you could not take booze to your room ?
20 Sep 09 15:15 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
west -
, HIGH WYCOMBE - Commented about this Review
Average score equates to 3.5 * so how do you get to giving only 1 *. strange or do you work for p&o.
20 Sep 09 14:55 - Reply - Was this comment useful?

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