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Casual First Time Cruisers Loved Royal Caribbean.

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Amy Ginder's blog

Exploding Phone Now Banned From Cruises!

By Amy Ginder

 A few of the major Cruise Lines have now put a ban on the Galaxy Note 7. There has been multiple reports of the phone exploding because of it’s faulty battery.Samsung have already sold 1 million of these phones but several people uploaded photos and videos of their phones burnt to a crisp after having exploded!Royal Caribbean and Carnival introduced the ban first to all passengers and crew as the phone is clearly dangerous. The Cruise Personaliser’s show special messages and...

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Oct 22 2016 06:00AM

Would Tom the cruiser like Britannia??

By Linda Hindle

Linda Hindle's blog

As you know my husbands name is Tom and his nickname is Tom Cruise because like me he is addicted to cruises!Tom prefers cruising on ships where there is a mixture of passengers from different nationalities; he thinks it gives a different feel and ambiance to the cruise.Anyway, with a birthday coming up I decided to surprise him with a two night cruise aboard P&O Britannia. I have travelled previously on P&O but this would be Toms first time. To say he was underwhelmed when I told him...

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Oct 19 2016 09:03AM

Beautiful Bruges -Going It Alone

By Collette Apak

Collette Apak's blog

If you’ve ever been on a mini cruise from the UK with any of the cruise lines there’s a very high chance that Bruges would be one of your ports of call. With it’s geographical proximity to the UK it appears on most itineraries that are less than a week.Personally I have visited Bruges several times just for the day and I absolutely love the place. That could well be something to do with all the chocolate shops and cherry beer! But there is more to the city than just confecti...

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Oct 17 2016 11:16AM