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Total Lack Of Admin Support.

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  • williams, wolverhampton - Commented on this review

    Crikey! nearly booked a princess cruise to the carib. with iglu yesterday but chose thomsons instead.please let us know how you get on and good luck!

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    • Jones, Birmingham Commented on a comment by williams (06 Jan 10 17:23)

      I feel sorry for Iglu - a very difficult position for them to be in.

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      • jones, wrexham Commented on a comment by Jones (07 Jan 10 00:24)

        Feel sorry for you and the travel company sea princess should get their act together. we met people who were having a comp. wine just because their dinner wasnt as hot as they expected. shame on sea princess because with the itinery you were on they could have moved you for your second week, but prob ship full with family of the officers having a very discounted cruise.

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        • Shaw, Norwich Commented on a comment by jones (09 Jan 10 23:03)

          We asked if they would move us on the second week - they refused. Again - so much for their response that our downdrade was voluntary.

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        • Shaw, Norwich Commented on a comment by williams (09 Jan 10 22:59)

          Dont write Iglu off. They wrote to Princess on my behalf and have taken this matter up with them. If you read below you will see that I have recieved a very poor response from Princess. iglu have responded to them on my behalf and have done all that they could to help me. I would book with Iglu again - not so sure about princess - given their poor response I would probably go with someone else. Their head office do not care about their customers at all.

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  • Dobson, Holme Upon Spalding Moor - Commented on this review

    I'm quite loyal to Princess Cruises, but in view of your comment, it does look suspiciously as though Princes have bullied a smaller, and less influential travel agent into a corner, which in my opinion has been Princess' fault. Hoew could they not know long BEFORE your due departure that the holiday was over-booked? It seems like poor management and organisation on their part! I'm hearing more and more stories of Princess Cruises bullying smaller travel agents and not listening to customer worries and complaints. My partner is a platinum member and as he's heavily influenced by ME (lol!) we will be giving Princess a wide berth if this is going to be their future attitude. I've had my holiday (27th March 2010) booked through Cruise Finders since July 31st 2008! If I find that they do that to ME, a day before I cruise, it will be the last time we sail with them. It will be 'Goodbye Princess', Hello, RCI, NCL, P&O, Cunard ...' Can you tell I'm angry for you????

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    • Shaw, Norwich Commented on a comment by Dobson (09 Jan 10 22:53)

      This site really does work - since posting my review and sending the link to Princess - finally had a response. They say - my downgrade was voluntary. They also say it is regrettable that I was not made aware of the fact that I was going to be downgraded prior to arrival at the ship. In which case how could it be voluntary. I can assure them my downgrade was far from voluntary. They also say - quote " As this downgrade meant that the pasenger would still be in an outside stateroom as a gesture of goodwill they were offered $25 per person on board credit." What they dont accept is that we spent most of that $25 on internet e-mails from the ship to our agent trying to sort this out - so ended up with nothing. Very poor response indeed .

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