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A Nightmare Experience On P&o's Ventura.

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    • cammish, beverley Commented on a comment by new jersey boy (31 Mar 13 09:24)

      This is disgraceful. P&0 are living in the dark ages. I am astonished that you have been treated like this. Hope you get better treatment on your next holiday.

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  • Hoare, BIRMINGHAM - Commented on this review

    I am sorry you had such a horrendous humiliating experience. You should sue as a group. the airline and ship under The Disability discrimination Act. Also write to the newspapers about your experience. Lets hope you can enjoy your holiday next time. regards.

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  • Clement, Pawlett - Commented on this review

    Sorry to hear you had such an appalling experience.Disgusted by New Jersey boys' comments.

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  • Smith, Luton, - Commented on this review

    What an awful experience for you. I hope it wont put you off of cruising and I hope nasty comments from the likes of New Jersey Boy wont put you off of writing reviews.

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  • Parkinson, Tyldesley - Commented on this review

    I am so sorry you had such an awful experience. We have been on numerous cruises with P & O but have never flown always sailed from Southampton so cannot comment on that. However we have had the privilege of being seated with people with disabilities in one form or another and I always felt they were treated very well, I am sorry it was not so in your case. I hope your next cruise will be more enjoyable.

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  • Mason, Altrincham via Brooklyn - Commented on this review

    Oy! New Jersey Boy! This is a Brooklyn Girl here who is absolutely disgusted by your remark regarding this couple's problems with P&O. I've witnessed first-hand the rudeness of some passengers towards people in wheelchairs and mobility scooters on the IOTS last year. RCI appeared to do all it could for people with disabilities and especially families with disabled children while on-board. I don't know which airline you flew on Barlow, but you should report them. I'm sure Northwest Tonight would be most interested to hear of your experience. Hope you have a better cruise next time.

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  • C, LARNE - Commented on this review

    Despicable treatment and P and O should know better as I am sure the Disability Discrimination Act applies in this case. As you say, what would have happened in the event of an emergency. I can commend RCI for their approach to wheelchair users. Their staff bend over backwards to assist, even carrying passenger in the chair off the gangway in our case and the same on return. As someone has stated, you should take this further, not only for your own satisfaction, but for the sake of others in the same position both onboard ship and on the flight. Lets hope your next cruise experience is a good one!

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  • McGregor, Edinburgh - Commented on this review

    Sorry you had such a bad experience on Ventura, Barlowe. I had nothing but praise for staff on Azura her sister ship when I was using a wheelchair. I didn't have the difficulties getting around her you had and was treated like a Princess by every member of staff I came across. I was a happy bunny! I know it's unlikely that you'll go back on P&O but I found it was best to be go to the lower level of the theatre and there was easy level access to spacious seating areas. Hope you have a better holiday next time wherever you go.

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  • Holden, Liverpool - Commented on this review

    Just back from 3 weeks on Ventura. We are not disabled in any way, but could not fail to see the passengers who were, whizzing around without any apparent problems; they seemed to have no problems with the carpets. As McGregor states, didn't have any difficulties getting around the Azura, which is a sister ship to the Ventura. We saw P&O staff helping wheelchair users to get off and on the ship, just do not believe there was a queue of 4 hours. At most we waited a few minutes, sometimes being told to wait whilst the staff helped a chair user get on or off. No tenders required. Your comments seem a bit contradictory, as you state the the security staff helped you get off safely and without fuss? The ship's PA announcements told wheelchair users which deck to use. We were in Saffron and there were quite a number of wheel chairs in the restaurant, did not see any problems from the staff, indeed their attitude seemed exemplary. Couple on the table next to us, the husband was blind. Staff helped him through to his table, and were happy to cut up his food for him. Access to the arena theatre was not a problem from deck 6, and we saw plenty of chairs using the ramps OK on deck 7. You can't legislate for inconsiderate fellow passengers, so can't hold that against the cruise line.

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