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  • williams, wolverhampton - Commented on this review

    Pretty much sums up my opinion of this ship. My husband had had some really good steaks in the mdr on Ventura in december,2011 and I was looking forward to some when we went on Oriana in August,2012...until it was served and then I looked for a cobbler as he might have made use of it instead.The "silver service" would you like some more potatoes with your potatoes? is also quite amusing. A good itinerary at a good getaway price will see my return as it's o.k. as you say.

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Sylvia Mackay's blog

Royal Wedding

By Sylvia Mackay

Well, the Royal wedding will soon be upon on us, this time on Saturday I will be at work but I will have the tv on in the background to see all that is happening at Windsor. I cannot wait to see her dress and how Prince George and Charlotte will behave.My mum has been watching the build up for days telling me all about her family and how her father is unable to attend, I will go and see her after its finished as she said don’t come round until it’s over I’m not coming out!In...

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May 17 2018 01:08:20:000PM

How Fred Olsen compares

By Charlene Thackeray

Charlene Thackeray's blog

We are recently back from our first Fred Olsen cruise.Whilst this is the smallest ship we have been on as a family there were lots of great things and a few not so great things for us. We knew there would not be much for Charlie on board however he had a great time with all his new friends from the Entertainments team. I can honestly say the entertainment team were really friendly and put on some great shows. I loved how the stage rose in the Neptune lounge making it a great area for lots of ...

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May 18 2018 07:22:38:000PM

Day at the Ritz..

By Lisa West

Lisa West's blog

Afternoon tea at the Ritz.. Wow what an amazing experience. My first hurdle, which I am sure is like everyone else what shall I wear, another excuse to head to the shops for a complete new outfit, dress, shoes, handbag, accessories.. actually I was really good and wore a dress I already had, of course I had to buy a new bag and shoes. I woke up bright and early Sunday morning with the sun shining, so my yellow dress was perfect for the weather.The day really was perfect from start to finish...

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May 16 2018 06:34:54:000PM