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Overview: This ship is all about British-ness and will be comfortingly familiar for families with children who want to travel and take their British traditions and food with them. It is suited to adults of all ages and families with children of all ages, and offers excellent valu...

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Standards Slipping.

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  • Norman, Lancaster - Commented on this review

    Oh dear we are going on Oceana in May.

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    • Hill, Stone Commented on a comment by Norman (29 Mar 13 21:21)

      Add your COMMENT here...I wouldnt worry some people think that when a ship goes in for a refit everything is replaced with fixtures and fittings throughout the ship and it is not always the case.

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    • XCruisez-Moi, Hook Commented on a comment by Norman (02 Apr 13 23:54)

      We did Oceana once. Never Again.

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  • Parkinson, Tyldesley - Commented on this review

    I think I will stop reading these reviews I am getting depressed. We are going on the Oceana In April.

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    • streets, worksop Commented on a comment by Parkinson (30 Mar 13 09:32)

      I would not waste your time worrying,Look into the review and to me it seems the only thing they have to complain about is the refit,break the review down,1There was always plenty to do on board and the port talks were interesting and informative.no problem there then, 2Breakfast was a bit of a bun fight unless you went very early,we opted for waiter service occasionally which was less stressful.Just go for waiter service the no problem there.3Embarkation went like clockwork as did disembarkation .no problem there then,4We had second sitting which gave us more time to get our glad rags on and have a couple of glasses of champagne .We had a table for six and met some interesting people. no problem there then,5We enjoyed ports of call,Madeira being our favourite.We tend to do our own thing rather than go on organised tours.Lisbon was very interesting and a change to be in a city as apposed to a holiday island. no problem there then,6.Our steward was a lovely pleasant young man as were the waiters.no problem there then,On. a positive note we did enjoy our trip.no problem there then.Go on your cruise with a positive attitude forget things you read and have a great time.

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  • Brown, London - Commented on this review

    Cheer up you seemed to have enjoyed your cruise !!!! I think ????

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  • mccormack, stourbridge - Commented on this review

    I am a little confused. The reveiwer mentions liking the ease of sailing from Southampton but states the last time they sailed across the Bay of Biscay was twenty years ago on the Canberra. How have they avoided the Bay of Bisacy for so long? Am I missing something?

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