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Big, Beautiful, Brilliant Britannia.

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  • Harrison, Southampton - Commented on this review

    As the author of this review, I would like it to be known that my punctuation skills are good, and the commas seem to have been eaten by the www!

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  • Evans, - Commented on this review

    Went on Britannia last May, and in spite of doubts and some negative comment on these pages [which hasn't stopped] I loved the ship. Looking forward to going aboard again in three months' time: thanks for this boost to my anticipation !

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    • Wilkinson- Brown, Commented on a comment by Evans (24 Apr 17 03:43)

      Me too! This will be my first cruise and I get quite anxious with some of the depressing comments. I have requested a couple of times if some of the 'experts cruisers' would give me tips and help, but so far nothing. So it's good to read a refreshing overview from someone, especially about excursions. Just wish you could have mentioned how easy access was. Butt probably has no bearings on it unless you're a wheelchair user like me. I'm definitely using priority lounge at the airport~no matter what the other half says! Thank you.

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  • Hilliar, Bromsgrove - Commented on this review

    Thank you for review, doing the same cruise departing next week, just by chance did you notice or come across many single cruisers. Went on Celebrity a few years ago and only 2 single people on the cruise and the other was quite odd!!!!or was that me. jenny.

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    • Harrison, SOUTHAMPTON Commented on a comment by Hilliar (06 Feb 17 12:37)

      Hi there - yes, we met quite a few. The Lido deck cabins all seem to be singles. Plenty of meeting - ups arranged, I think. Have a wonderful time! Jan.

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  • Mullen, Dorset - Commented on this review

    Great informative review .

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  • Wood, Manchester - Commented on this review

    Thank you for your review. We have been a little put off by a lot of negativity about this cruise ship. The itinerary suits us perfectly as we love to have a good mixture of sandy beaches, scenic beauty and culture so it has been very helpful to read a positive, well written review. Happy cruising. Deb.

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  • Marshall, London - Commented on this review

    I will be on Britannia in two weeks time and am so looking forward to it. I have been on before and loved it, so much to do fantastic entertainment, good library, quizzes etc. My friend who is accompanying me has only sailed on Oriana which is a small ship. She is a bit concerned after reading the reviews but I have been telling her that we will enjoy it. We are both able to manage the stairs as I must admit that was the only downside, the lifts were so busy at certain times and we always gave priority to wheelchairs and buggies. I loved the freedom dining and am hoping to be allocated the same this time, roll on March 11th.

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  • Puplett, Rainham - Commented on this review

    A good balanced report. There are times, with some reports, that you wonder if those submitting were on the same cruise.

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  • Brewster, Bridgend - Commented on this review

    A very comprehensive and honest review. We have sailed twice on Britannia and agree it is a very stylish ship with great decor. We also had no problem with the stairs or lifts and we are both in our 7o's. We also did freeedom dining and found the food satisfactory, we unfortunately failed to book the limelight club and missed a good night by the sound of it. and agree the horizon restaurant is well laid out and never failed to get a table. Also found the balcony cabin more than satifactory. Agree 100 % with your comments on tipping. A very good all round review, well done.

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