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Arcadia Fire On Board, Plus The Norovirus!

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  • Macro, Reading - Commented on this review

    Princess is far superior to P&O, especially the food. However for entertainment - Ocean Village should please you, especially at your age ! Modern, lively, available all evening in 3 venues simultainiously. The Quiz is at 5pm ! Relegated to the right time and although fun is NOT the highlight of the night. PS. costs half the price too though there is no 24hr room service, formal dining or set meal times. It is all 'Freestyle'.

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    • Humphrey, Bridgwater Commented on a comment by Macro (15 Nov 08 10:50)

      We have already done an island cruise! This was good and although we are not ones for disco's and lively entertainment all the time it would have been nice to have some variety on board some of the time. I dont consider PO to be cheap. In fact Princess is far more reasonable considering the top shows you get and the consistant good hot food and choice. Then the food was not so much an issue for me having the virus, but I did have my 84 year old mother with us and my brother and wife who are in their 60s. They too were bored of repetitiveness of the day to day activities. Everyone to their own, thats why there are ships like Ocean and Island. Cruising is not just for the elderly now, but Im afraid in our opinion Arcadia is! I would also like to comment that the majority of passengers were bored, just because you hit a certain age is doesn't mean that you have to act old? This is our 5th cruise now so we are not new to cruising. We love the formal nights and always dress up. We wouldn't go on Ocean because of the "FREESTYLE" approach, as with Island. Its all down to personal choice isn't it?

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      • Burrows, Southampton Commented on a comment by Humphrey (16 Nov 08 17:46)

        Once again we have someone moaning about old people on the Arcadia , and being bored. In other ships reviews I read passengers complaining about fights over sunbeds, teashirts and shorts being worn in restaurants on formal nights, children monopolising adults only swimming pools, and teenage yobs throwing deck furniture overboard all night! It's horses for courses I suppose? You pay your money and take your choice, but I know which I would choose! Happy cruising.

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        • Humphrey, Bridgwater Commented on a comment by Burrows (17 Nov 08 07:23)

          It never ceases to amaze me why we have cruise reviews, and the chance to tell others of our opinion, especially when people dont read facts before answering? Read my review, it clearly tells you that I had my 83 year old mother and my brother and sister in law who are in their 60s! Says it all really doesn't it? Ive yet to go on a cruise where teenagers throw furniture, shorts being worn on formal nights and have never seen a fight over a sunbed? What cruises have you been on then?. Oh and just for the record I have worked with elderly and dememtia patients for over 15 years, so I am used to elders and enjoy their company. It isn't the older people I had the problem with, it was the entertainment, again it was in my review!!

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          • Burrows, Southampton Commented on a comment by Humphrey (17 Nov 08 11:47)

            Sorry that I misworded my comment concerning your view of the Arcadia. I was not questioning your personal opinion of older people, rather I was refering to your comment on the fact that tea dances were not your scene, and that the ship "suits" 60-90 year olds! I am under 50 myself, and am looking forward to travelling on the Arcadia in the near future. Tea dances are not my "scene" either, but then neither are screaming children filling all the pools and theatre! I have cruised on Adult only ships before and was surprised at the number of 18-25 year olds that were on board. I regularly watch the Arcadia sail, and there always seems to be plenty of young people up on deck. Surely a ship should be chosen for its size, age, facilities, cabins, destinations and price, with the average age of passengers onboard being just one consideration? It does seems that every time that the Arcadia is mentioned, a HUGE point is made about the age of the passengers onboard, and we are TOLD that it would suit people of a certain age group! The more that this is said, the less and less younger people will be inclined to try the ship, and the more this situation will endure! Of course the entertainment is tailored to the type of passengers on a particular ship, that is only fair, but until younger people are ENCOURAGED to try the ship rather than contunually being told that you virtually HAVE to be over 60 to cruise on her, this situation will not change. As for never having been on a cruise where ignorant and anti-social behaviour has taken place, then you are very lucky! I personally have not witnessed the specific events mentioned above, but these, along with many others, are all detailed in cruise reviews contained on this site! Perhaps if you regularly read them, as I do, you would have been able to put my comments in the perspective that they were meant, and not taken them as you did? Happy cruising.

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            • Humphrey, Bridgwater Commented on a comment by Burrows (18 Nov 08 07:18)

              I would be intersted to read your view on the Arcadia when you have been on it. When you are at sea for 3 days and the weather is not very good then the Arcadia entertainment team should have looked at entertaining the passengers appropriatley. The entertainment manager who's name escapes me was a star in Eastenders, and one of the highlights of one afternoons entertainment was to go and meet her and learn about the secrets of EASTENDERS!!! If thats your cup of tea, then the very best of luck. No, I DONT read cruise reviews that often because I WORK 12 hours a day, so I dont have the time. The Arcadia was chosen because it is an ADULT ONLY ship, due to my mother and brother coming. THEY FOUND IT BORING TOO!, and cruise reviews are meant to be truthful facts and experiences, if everyone fabricated the facts then there wouldn't be any need to have these reviews? There are more positive facts of OUR experience than negatives, it's just that the negatives are NOT what you wanted to read. "Happy Cruising" .

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              • mills, London Commented on a comment by Humphrey (27 Nov 08 21:40)

                I (aged 48) was on this cruise with my 80 year old mother and we both found the entertainment substandard especially the theatre troup, and the theatre shows certainly lacked professionalism from the singing to the stage production techniques eg lighting, sound projection etc. The live entertainment was certainly for the older passengers ( 80% of the total passenger number) and there was little for the 30 - 40 age group. Even the piano bar / duo entertaiment and jazz was very melo, and uninspiring. One wonders whether P and O actually put a substandard entertaiment theatre group on Arcadia because they know it's full of the elderly and maybe are less likely to complain. They certainly need more variety before they can market it to a younger age group.

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                • Humphrey, Bridgwater Commented on a comment by mills (28 Nov 08 07:24)

                  You have said it all. How can P.O. encourage the more middle age passengers, such as ourselves onto the Arcadia, if the ship really is geared for the more elderly traveller? I think P.O would be better stating that it is a relaxed, mellow atmosphere mainly aimed at the older passenger in their brochures? OK there is a disco. Did you go in there? It was a girl called LULU who mumbled a few words when she was there, and left a CD in the computor to play the same songs every night! When the music was 60s and 70s the floor filled up, then there was a blast of heavy metal etc.. and everyone dispersed!! LULU also did some afternoon activities such as " learn cricket with LULU!!" I hasten to add we all gave that a miss too. Everything on the Arcadia was lovely, and we wondered why it was going in for a refit? Maybe the entertainment will be updated for future travellers?

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  • Pemberton, Honiton - Commented on this review

    Having read your comment on my review about yours not being received so well I felt compelled to offer you some support! Besides, someone has decided to take task with my own review and give me some grief - even wants me to provide "evidence" of people not washing their hands (can you believe some peopel!) Anyway, I think this is a very fair reflection and I have to agree with you about the entertainment, it was OK to start but then boredom certainly set in. I do not agree with the reader who thinks you are moaning either about the age group on Arcadia, you are merely pointing out that P&O could have catered for ALL it's passengers rather than focusing on the elderly, it certainly had the facilities, it just seemed to lack the "will" I am very sorry you suffered from the virus, this must have impacted on your holiday and I hope you are over it fully and it didn't spoil your trip too much. I look forward to hearing about your cruise next year, good luck and best wishes.

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  • billups, rotherham - Commented on this review

    Christine, Rotherham I was on the ship at the same time as you and agree with you when you say the entertainment was poor. I very much enjoyed Diane Cousins though and also the opera singer, but found the show abysmal, I only watched one, a 60's tribute. It was like a junior school play. The norovirus outbreak did make things a little awkward. does anyone know how many people went down with it. Some people were ridiculous like the old dear who cleaned all the buttons in the lift with her tissue and then popped it in her pocket! If she was carrying the virus she must have passed it on to hundreds and if not she put herself at great risk of contracting it. The fire episode was a little unnerving to say the least but it was managed marvellously well, did make me feel a little jumpy though. My husband and I were celebrating our anniversary and were presented with flowers, chocolates and a card and invited to a champagne reception which was really lovely. I very much enjoyed the holiday but there were times when we struggled to find something to do which was a bit of a shame. I would holiday on the Arcadia again, the staff were superb.

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