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99 Days On Arcadia. Never Again!

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  • Mason, Altrincham - Commented on this review

    Although I'm not a forum member, I have read all your blogs on the website and I thought you made the best of your cruise experience. I haven't ever been on a really long cruise yet, and I'm not sure if I could handle it without buying an expanding, elasticated-waist wardrobe. My husband and I have only been cruising for the past 5 years but we enjoy formal nights on the cruises we have done and think it doesn't take that much effort to look presentable in a main dining room. As for P&O deleting ports of call without informing the passengers, I find that disgraceful behaviour! If you purchase anything, you should be confident of getting said item (or cruise) intact. As you state, this cruise was not exactly fit for purpose. I hope you enjoy Cunard next year.

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    • Scottie, MELKSHAM Commented on a comment by Mason (18 Apr 13 17:17)

      I'm really sorry the Arcadia was such a disappointment Maggie. I've never sailed with P&O as I prefer HAL, RCCI and Azamara and from what I've read I don't think I will be trying P&O anytime soon. I've been reading your other blogs and I was also astounded by the rudeness of some of your fellow passengers right from the outset (i.e. dressing for dinner). That experience alone would have upset me for days. Then there was your broken wrist ... terrible experience ... how is it now? Another thing that was brought home to me by following your blogs was that ( and I know this sounds daft) a World Cruise is very long!!! I think the novelty would have worn off for me long before the end, especially if I didn't like the ship, so I think I'll stick with my 10, 14 or 21 day cruises. Anyway, thank you for all the time you've put into your reviews and blogs and I hope that your next cruise is much happier all round.

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      • Mccann, Accrington Commented on a comment by Scottie (20 Apr 13 08:14)

        Hi....loved your review...very informative and whatever anyone else thinks and says of you it was how you found it to be. I have cruised with different cruise lines...including P&O more than once...in fact P&O was our first cruise and we thought how great it was and we stayed with P&O but then decided to try other cruise lines and found out how much better other cruise lines are. Last November we decided to give P&O another go...mmmm....wish we hadn't bothered..they had deteriorated so much more in standards. mmou.....I would be very interested to read your blogs...could you please tell me where to find them?

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        • Denton, LUTON Commented on a comment by Mccann (20 Apr 13 15:12)

          Hi I have enjoy mm blogs, sorry the cruise was not up to standard. I went on Arcadia a couple of years ago at Christmas, It could have been better, and the saving grace were the staff, (not reception staff ). We also went on the Artemis which was on its final world cruise we were only on from Hong Kong to Singapore, Our dining experience was spoilt by 2 couples of world cruisers who only came to dinner 4 out of 14 nights so we were on a table half full, when they did come down to dinner the were always drunk and rude.

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        • mou, limassol Commented on a comment by Mccann (20 Apr 13 15:52)

          Hi Mccann. Thank you for your comments. You can find my blogs on www.cruis.co.uk forum section. They are under the cruise news section. I wrote a blog about evey port of call on the world cruise including photos and an artical of how I was medi vacced from the ship after an accident. It is a lot of reading so it will need some spare time. If you have a problem finding them type in maggiemou in the search box. Good luck and enjoy your future cruises.

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      • Firth, Barnsley Commented on a comment by Scottie (31 May 17 11:09)

        Apart from the absence of a central focus, like an atrium, I think Arcadia is a great ship for a world cruise, or any cruise for that matter. I know some people get twitchy on long cruises but having done a world cruise on Arcadia last year, I have to say it's an ideal ship for cruising - not too big and not too small. I've also done world cruise on QM2 and the only thing better on Cunard than P and O is the quality of afternoon tea - superb. Everything else is about the same, though I found entertainment on QM2 not as good as P and O. Bar prices and auto gratuity much more expensive on Cunard. It's a good idea to include tips on world cruises for 2 reasons. Firstly, there are no price reductions, offers or promotions on world cruises with P and O and Cunard so passengers already pay a premium. Secondly, the cost of tips worked out at about £2000 for the cabin - not an insignificant amount! Add to this excursions, drinks and various bits of on-board spending and the total price of the cruise rises considerably. Having said all that, I think cruising is generally good value compared to other forms of exotic holiday destinations . . . . and far less stressful.

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        • Harmon, Winchester Commented on a comment by Firth (21 Dec 17 10:15)

          Thank you for this! We have booked 2019’s world cruise on Arcadia and was beginning to think about cancelling until I read your report. We did a worldie on Aurora in 2008 and have since veered towards other lines but this has the itinerary and length of cruise my husband is craving ??. Some people get in a tiz about how to dress, I say you’re on holiday let’s all relax and cut some slack.

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  • Fredericks, Peterborough - Commented on this review

    Enjoyed reading your review. We just did the final leg of the World cruise on Queen Elizabeth from New York. There was a great atmosphere on board and in our opinion far superior to PO.

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  • Jones, Fareham - Commented on this review

    We agree with the review the cruise was very poor for a world adventure, we did get the Arcadia cough at least 3 times and every person on our table of eight had to visit the doctor. we feel it is no good complaining as P&O will do nothing, so we are voting with our feet and will not be travelling with P&O again EVER.

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    • Kettlety, Stanford-le-Hope Commented on a comment by Jones (20 Apr 13 18:45)

      Not quite correct Jones. We had problems with the toilet on our last cruise aboard Azura in the Caribbean in January. I had already written to P&O outlining our feelings regarding the changes they have made over the past year or so and the problem we had trying to book seats on the return flight from Barbados. Then my wife picked up a urinary infection and had to attend the medical centre as a result of not being able to use our cabin toilet most of the time. I complained to reception and they told me my complaint had been sent through to P&O head office and I should write to them when I got home. We arrived home on the Friday and before I could write a letter I got a phone call from P&O on the Monday morning. After discussing my previous letter the lady asked if there was anything else I would like to discuss, so I mentioned the toilet problem and my wife's medical bill of £87. The lady then said she was giving us £400 on board spend for our next cruise, which was already booked, and was sending a cheque to our home address for the £87 medical bill. So, it does do to complain if you go about the right way.

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