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Lovely But Needs Some Work.

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  • Davies, Norwich - Commented on this review

    How did this qualify for a four star rating? Toilets blocked, pool leaking, dirty cabins, I wouldn't have given it one star.

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    • Storey, Leeds Commented on a comment by Davies (17 Jan 17 07:39)

      It I see a real shame that the star rating system is based on points earns through having facilities and not stardards. Facilities can be listed but I would rather be in a clean 1 star with few facilities than a dirty 5 star.

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  • Williams, Guildford - Commented on this review

    The review is excellent - very detailed and well descibed - but is totally out of synch with the headline (Lovely) and the rating of 4 stars. Some cnsistency is ñeeded.

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  • Blackmore, Baldock - Commented on this review

    We were also on this cruise, with (probably) just as many complaints as the original poster. However, the issue is to ensure that the complaints you see as important are dealt with and enjoying, as best you can, the twenty-four day break. We would have given it 3.5 out of 5.0.

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  • Turner, Bridgend - Commented on this review

    I was also on this cruise and I have written a review of it. Although I agree with regard to the toilets being out of order too much, I think the reviewer is far too critical on other points. I didn't see any of the crew running round like headless chickens; our cabin had satisfactorily functioning air-conditioning; we found embarkation as efficient as always. In the restaurant, the ubiquitous beans were green beans not broad beans. So we were without access to food or drink during the power failure - you could have made a cup of tea in your cabin if you were so thirsty and surely you can manage without something to eat for that short period!

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  • Adams, Abingdon - Commented on this review

    I agree with comments. I would add that the entertainment programme was the same as it had been for the last 5 years or so. P & O are in a rut, they need some fresh ideas. Passengers were complaining about the quality of entertainment. Needs to do better.

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  • Pickwick, Bolton - Commented on this review

    We found our P&O cruise much the same , wouldn't use them again .

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  • Jeffrey , Applebymagna - Commented on this review

    I have travelled on P&O many times as well as with other cruise lines. The much prefer P&O but have not been on Arcadia for a few years. I am recently widowed and like you find the cost of traveling alone most unfair .

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  • Wilson, Portland UK - Commented on this review

    I agree about the pricing, why do all holiday companies have to charge 'double' for singles, there are now a lot of single persons holiday-ing and they get ripped off with the prices.

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    • Robinson, Sedbergh Commented on a comment by Wilson (29 Jan 17 11:55)

      I have been lucky to find 2 value single cruises In 2014 on Adventurer of the sea, Royal Caribbean. It was a repositioning cruise. In 2015 on Norwegian Epic Western Med. If you are lucky enough to get one of their singles cabins they make a real effort to cater for singles. I have spent hours last year looking for something affordable, no luck especially with the all inclusives which are now the norm. I don't drink so what a waste. Guess I'll keep on searching.

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