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Venice Delights. by Rowlands, Neath

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Gemma Coles's blog

Angry Venetians!

By Gemma Coles

This has been going on quite a while now in Venice and last year we had the struggle for Venice to decide on course of action about cruise ships visiting this lovely place with an election of a pro cruise mayor. Since this the situation has got worse. Earlier this month 500 locals took to the streets in protests to raise awareness about the effects of mass tourism on the city and in August posters appeared around Venice saying for tourists to go away etc. Well now hundreds of protesters to...

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Sep 29 2016 12:39PM

Expensive Drinks and Other Gripes!

By Freddie Moser

Freddie Moser's blog

This week I’ve had a few rather disturbing conversations with my returning cruise guests about the rising cost of booze on board ships, namely Royal Caribbean and Cunard. Interestingly two completely different brands.The major issue being the quite frankly disgusting 18% service charges on top of all your drinks purchased on board. That’s right Royal Caribbean, disgusting. Why are you charging 18%? It’s borderline theft in my opinion, and I’m sure I’m not the on...

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Sep 27 2016 12:10PM

Sunbeds at sea

By Betsy Davies

Betsy Davies's blog

People think it’s just the hotels that have German holidaymakers that have sunbed hogging !!I have never heard so many comments about the shortage of sunbeds on ships as I have this summer.Here are some of the comments I have come across.‘The main faults I found were the sunbed wars.’‘ It was truly comical to have to try and out manoeuvre the sunbed mafia.’‘ If you want a sunbed near the poolside, especially the quiet adult pool then be prepared to get ther...

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Sep 23 2016 08:58PM

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