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Msc Never Again !

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  • Bradbury, - Commented on this review

    My God why would anyone go with MSC? From what I've heard on here, apart from what you have said, is that it's an on/off ferry, hideous rude passengers and a myriad of other justified complaints, often repeated in review after review. Jayne McDonald may dance around trilling about how fantastic it all is on her bizarre cruise show but reviewer after reviewer on here tell it as it really is.

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    • Halls, Kent Commented on a comment by Parsons (23 Oct 17 05:56)

      Parsons, your standards are obviously set at a very low bar. Having just come off an MSC Prezosia cruise, one of three with this company, I can tell you that their standards are slipping badly from poor and limited food choicesand from cattle like activities in the buffet to bad docking planning where an arrival at Gibraltar at 5pm on a Sunday into a great shopping and sight-seeing location was totally inconsiderate and into Barcelona at 7am to be told we had to be back by 1:30pm. Complaints are not limited to these. Cabin boy filling in minibar record form without advising us and the facility wasn't used and it goes on. MSC, we won't be doing it together again.

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      • Parsons, Leeds Commented on a comment by Halls (24 Oct 17 05:43)

        Hall, you are only giving your personal opinion, look at other reviews some are good some are bad. It is the same for all the cruise lines. This review forum is a tiny tiny fraction of cruising reviews. There are many many other sites. If MSC or indeed any other cruise line were that bad they would go out of business. I ,like you, have read opinions on this pages and wonder if I have been on the same cruise ships. It has nothing to do with my, or anybody elses standards ,its purely about an opinion, and we are all different. Nothing wrong with that.

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      • AVIS, Sussex Commented on a comment by Halls (26 Oct 17 15:10)

        Have to agree. My experience with them was not good. Beautiful clean ship but not my type of cruise.

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      • Brown, Law Commented on a comment by Bradbury (24 Oct 17 15:32)

        Well, actually we have just returned from an amazing cruise on MSC Preziosa yesterday ....beautiful ship, superbly clean, very polite staff, lovely MEDITERRANEAN food ...what would you expect , that's what we went for. Shows were excellent. We had a lovely cabin and great sunny balcony with decent furniture for a change....and yes ..we have been on other cruises,,, RCI (dreadful), Princess, NCL, Cruise & Maritime, Fred Olsen ......MSC beat them all.

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        • Burgess, Welshpool Commented on a comment by Brown (24 Oct 17 20:44)

          My goodness I must have been on another ship, it is a lovely ship, but that's it. I suggest you try celebrity and Cunard then you'll know what cruising is. MSC IS "CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP NEVER AGAIN" .

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        • Parsons, Leeds Commented on a comment by Brown (25 Oct 17 10:04)

          Shhhh ,Don't tell everybody.the prices will go up .

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