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MSC Divina

Overview: This large, really elegantly attired resort ship has a trendy infinity pool and ‘beach’ zone, and will appeal to young adult couples, solo travelers, and families with children and teens who enjoy an urban Mediterranean lifestyle, with a mix of many European nationaliti...

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Msc Divina Not As Great Aas Expected.

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Lucy Jefcoate's blog

A few cabin essentials to make...

By Lucy Jefcoate

It is a known fact that regardless of the ship or the cruise line that you are sailing with – the cabins are how shall we say …’on the small side’ Lets face it unless you are in a suite (which the majority of people are probably not) then all cabins are restricted on space. But imagine if you know a few tricks to make that cabin space bigger or at least feel like it!Read on to find out which cruise essentials you should be taking with you, that won’t take up much...

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Jul 21 2017 06:28:35:000AM

My day on-board the Queen Elizabeth!

By Debbie Carmen

Debbie Carmen's blog

Ok, so Ive been on a fair few ship visits this year as some of you would have seen if you follow my page. They are great to help us experience these amazing ships we sell and then we can pass on our experiences to our customers. This is invaluable when recommending cruises as they are all so different and so are our customers. Heres the lowdown on my ship visit on Cunards Queen Elizabeth and what I thought of the ship. I was very excited about this ship visit. The Cunard ships are ic...

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Jul 21 2017 08:47:04:000AM

Venice is Drowning With Tourists

By Lily Canderton

Lily Canderton's blog

The Truth is Venetians do not want to live in Venice any longer as their population dwindles with tourists often outnumbering residents, partly as a result of cruise ship visitors as the mega-cruise ships’ tens of thousands of passengers spilling into its narrow streets and canals, this mass tourism is causing irreversible damage on the fragile lagoon ecosystem and is endangering the environment of the city and its lagoon.Cruising into Venice Italy is one of those magical travel moments...

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Jul 21 2017 09:32:59:000AM