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Msc Divina - Eastern Med.

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Holly Crabtree's blog

Caribbean Cruise? MSC Seaside,...

By Holly Crabtree

So I am in a dilemma!? I am looking to book a Caribbean Cruise for myself for December 2018 and I am undecided on MSC Seaside, Symphony of the Seas or Celebrity Edge. A nice dilemma to be in some would say These 3 ships are all new for 2018 All three companies delight in offering the latest in technology and all offering a first for cruising. Which one would you choose?Here are the stats for all three :-MSC SEASIDEHere are the statisticsGross tonnage 160,000Number of passengers 5179Crew memb...

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Mar 21 2017 11:05:45:000AM

Iconic Queen Mary requires $30...

By Adam Leech

Adam Leech's blog

The iconic Queen Mary is so corroded that it is at urgent risk of flooding or collapse.The price tag for repairing the 1930s ocean liner could near $300 million, according to a survey carried out by experts.It could take five years to refurbish the ship, a tourist destination docked permanently in Long Beach Harbour south of Los Angeles, according to documents obtained by the Long Beach Press-Telegram reported by the Associated Press.The hull is severely rusted and certain areas, including th...

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Mar 21 2017 11:14:15:000PM

How will Cuba fare with the in...

By Collette Apak

Collette Apak's blog

Until this year very few cruise lines have been allowed to call in to Cuba, but after a warming of relations since the Cold War a recent political agreement between Cuba and the U.S. means that this is all about to change. Airlines and cruise lines from the U.S. have been granted permission to transport passengers in to Cuba and the Cuban Tourism ministry are expecting around a 30% increase in visitors in 2017 alone.As MSC, Thomson and Fred Olsen have been sailing to Cuba for a few years, we ...

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Mar 20 2017 05:03:12:000PM