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First Time Panama Canal.

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Camilla Edwards's blog

The Importance Of ( Being ) ABTA

By Camilla Edwards

Never has the importance of booking your holiday with an ABTA bonded Travel Agent been more apparent during the weeks since Christmas with the downfall of Swan Hellenic and Voyages of Discovery.ABTA – Association of British Travel Agents – bonding is the protection that all reputable Travel Agents give to clients when booking their holiday or cruise. Their members are bonded, so that any money you pay to them is protected if they go out of business.Luckily all the passengers book...

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Jan 16 2017 05:51:56:000PM

Whats your Favourite Cruise Line

By Robin Clarke

Robin Clarke's blog

So I have a lot of customers that ask me whats my favourite cruise line to travel with. Over the past 9 years I have travelled on 7 different cruise lines and have never gone back to the same cruise line more than once. And my reasoning for this is that I want to experience all the different cruise lines and what they have to offer.Some customers say aren’t they all the same and to be honest I think that a lot of customers that do not cruise that often would think so. But each cruise li...

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Jan 11 2017 06:40:15:000PM

2 Nights In Singapore!

By Caroline Kyle

Caroline Kyle's blog

Last November my friend and I Flew to Singapore to join the Celebrity Millenium for a 12 Night Asia Cruise.It was my first time in Singapore so we decided to extend our stay and enjoy 2 Nights in this wonderful city!We flew out with Etihad who I have to say I was really impressed with. Immigration in Singapore was quick and efficient and before we knew it we we had the airport exit in sight. That is before we we’re asked to do one last bag scan. I always get nervous with these things as...

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Jan 13 2017 12:30:22:000PM