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Boudicca's First Trip From Liverpool 2013. by Caples, Liverpool

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  • Hewitt, Skipton - Commented on this review

    Sorry,but its my pet hate,I refuse to read reviews in upper case.

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    • Pople, Malton - Commented on a comment by Hewitt (09 May 13 11:22)

      Its a pity for those nit picking people who don't like capital LETTERS.

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  • harrison, billingham - Commented on this review

    Me to too hard to read , why do people do this , it is regarded as shouting on internet etiquette .

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  • MRT, STAFFS - Commented on this review

    It,s been said many times on Capslk reviews. Just very lazy and as said hard to read so a pointless review.

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  • Woods, Cambuslang - Commented on this review

    Thanks for the review, Caples. I am so pleased that Fred has started to go out of Livepool again. Makes it much easier for us in the North. Just ignore the ignoramuses who would rather complain about the difference between upper and lower case than have a valid discussion about Fred Osen Cruise Lines. Happy cruising.

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  • Lacey, Wirral - Commented on this review

    Only the high cost of a single cabin has stopped me booking another Fred Olsen cruise. I will be keeping an eye on their fares as I would like to do the Iceland cruise.

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  • harrison, billingham - Commented on this review

    Thank you Woods for that. I do not consider myself an ignoramus, I have been on many cruises with lots of different ships and been to some wonderful locations . I do enjoy reading reviews on this site and have picked up many useful tips from good reviews , but I still say and many agree that reviews in capital letters are too hard to read .

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  • Smith, Abernethy - Commented on this review

    Excellent review, thank you. Glad you enjoyed your cruise. This helps us research our up-coming, first FO cruise. Enjoyment of it slightly spoiled by utter, total morons moaning about being unable to read capital letters. Presumably they're not just picking on you, and also ignore....mmmm.....exit signs on motorways; "ambulance" signs on the back of ambulances; fire exit signs, etc etc etc etc - they won't be around too much longer because they will just be driving round and around and around roundabouts with their awful capitalised exit signs mumbling "I'm not gonna red them, I'm not gonna read them.....". It occurs to me that the acronym "FO" could have alternative uses when encountering people so rude as some of your respondents. Thanks again.

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  • Caples, Liverpool - Commented on this review

    I must have misread the instructions for posting a review as I thought it needed to be in capitals. I agree that it is not easy to read but I can't believe that the fact that it is in capitals should cause so much controversy. Either read or don't no comment required.

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  • walsh, hartlepool - Commented on this review

    I am sorry I cannot agree with most of the above comments We found the ship outdated old fashionrd and did not have any regard for the younger or even active older passenger .There were very few younger passengers and we were not informed of this on booking.Our cabin was very noisy and we requested a move which would have been to a lower deck.Value for money was very poor compared to other cruises we have taken.The entertainment during the day is very poor.However the night time shows were some of the best we have seen The dance hosts worked very hard on an extremelly small floor so if you want to dance it is not a suitable floorhaving large posts at both ends .The food was good but had to be queued for as the garden restauraunt was far to small breakfast if taken in the dining room was uncomfortable as you were expected to share tables with strangers.The fitness area was only adequate one treadmill being broken from the first day and classes on offer were £5 for 30 mins.unfortunately the weather was very poor and as you could not get onto the deck a lot of time was spent in the small noisy outside cabin.The whole experience of this cruise was very poor value and we would certainly not travel with this company again as it was very much like being in a nursing home.Embarkation at Liverpool was also a poor experience the toilet facilities being ouside with no hot water or papertowels and concerns were that novavirus was not a prime concern.We have both had a viral infection on returning home and we feel that this was probably due to the poor ventilation. we had to have the air conditioning unit repaired in our cabin. This is certainly a cruise we would not advise anyone of a younger age to partake .

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