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Black Watch

Overview: Black Watchis a comfortable but not luxurious ship best suited to the older traveler seeking a British cruise environment, where relatively formal attire is the norm. Cruises are well organized, with interesting itineraries and free shuttle buses in many ports of call....

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UK & Eire (flagship Golf).

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Lisa West's blog

Princess in Japan

By Lisa West

Japan seems to be on many peoples wish list, so this week at www.CRUISE.co.uk we are having a Japan week.With a successful launch of our 2017 Japan cruises we are now pleased to offer you a huge selection of 2018 itineraries, in fact we have over 50 dates for you to choose from. Some itineraries will of course feature our old favourites, like the bullet trains, snow monkeys but also adding in some extras. Here are our Top 5 in 2018. These top 5 will take you through the different seasons i...

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Feb 19 2017 03:30:19:000PM

Crew Life 101

By Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor's blog

As I rocked up to the port of Boston, USA to step onto a Cruise ship for the very first time I was a jangled mixture of nervousness and excitement. You had read over the itinerary for your first cruise a hundred times, knowing you were going to locations that your friends and family may never experience in their lifetime and feeling that sense of appreciation yet you were about to be thrust into the middle of around 1200 crew members who you had never met before oh, and 3000 or so passengers...

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Feb 21 2017 06:20:04:000PM

If Its Raining and Pouring ...

By Lily Canderton

Lily Canderton's blog

It is your worst nightmare, you are on your cruise, you look out and it’s bucketing down with rain AND IT’S A SEA DAY!!Your heart probably sinks, the thought of a whole day on board and not a glimmer of sun on the horizon but this is actually a perfect opportunity to explore the ship and check out things that you might not have even noticedMost people find bad weather comfort in food! I was watching the Princess Cruise documentary and the head chef said that everyone heads for the...

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Feb 17 2017 06:14:50:000PM