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An Excellent Probus Club Cruise To France.

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  • Breadbury, Redcar - Commented on this review

    If you had such a great time why only 2 stars.(Parsons).

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  • York, Northampton - Commented on this review

    I have cruised with Fred many times, the first night of a cruise has always been free dining in my experience. This is to allow for late arrivals and lifeboat training. Has this changed? The first night can be chaotic, many passengers not knowing their way around the ship, luggage etc. Two points is a little harsh I think.

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  • Walker, Shrewsbury - Commented on this review

    Whilst it was difficult the first night re the timing of the lifeboat drill coinciding with dinner, i believe it is a legal requirement of Safety at Sea legislation that it must be carried out BEFORE the ship can leave port.

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    • Aylett, York Commented on a comment by Walker (04 Nov 17 11:22)

      Every other cruise line manages to do the drill before the ship leaves port AND before dinner time.

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