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Hannah Wilson's blog

My Wonderful Day with Emirates!

By Hannah Wilson

Well what a fab day I’ve had today! A day out of the office thanks to Emirates, an what an interesting day it’s been. Myself and a group of colleagues were invited to join them at Birmingham airport for a sneaky peak around their Airbus 380 during it’s turnaround this lunchtime and then join them for lunch in the Emirates Business Class lounge.Our first sighting of the Airbus was while we were enjoying a very informative presentation in a conference room. We saw her circling...

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Dec 7 2017 06:48:12:000PM

Changes to Princess Captain...

By Jo Cunningham

Jo Cunningham's blog

Princess cruises have this week announced major changes to their Captain’s Circle Club.As a sister brand to P&O, Princess have always allowed sailings with P&O to be counted towards Princess membership levels however from the 13th December this year, this will no longer be allowed.Any booking made from this date will no longer count, however any booking for a P&O cruise made before the 12th December 2017 will still be allowed. Therefore if you are considering an P&O crui...

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Dec 5 2017 07:09:22:000AM

Bring on the 60s

By Barbara Hopley

Barbara Hopley's blog

As you are reading this I will be away from the office at our annual Christmas Conference.We go away for 2 or 3 nights each December to celebrate the year we have had and learn what is new for next year.As we work from home and spend a lot of time alone and only speak on the phone to our managers & colleagues it is great to meet up with everyone we dont see often enough and to meet the new people that have joined the company and put faces to names.Not everyone goes on conference obviously...

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Dec 8 2017 09:00:13:000AM