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Qm2 Nice But Not Luxurious (unless Grill Class!)

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Freddie Moser's blog

Single Supplements Not The Fau...

By Freddie Moser

After having my head bitten off yet again this week for simply doing my job, I thought it was high time to set the record straight about prices and supplements for single travels and inform people of the role of the agent, i.e me.In the cruise industry we have many guests in the higher age range, down to the relaxing nature of a cruise, the luxury element, and a lot of the time, because the non-retired can’t afford the time or the money during their work schedule to take in a cruise.Nat...

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Jun 26 2017 09:08:24:000AM

Some of the most amazing place...

By Shelley Payne

Shelley Payne's blog

As you may already know there is a number of cruise companies that sail from the UK to places in Northern Europe, The Mediterranean and onto further afield exotic destinations, but have you ever considered taking a cruise to explore the wonderful places we have right on our door step?Some people may screw their faces up immediately and say “Well that’s not a holiday, where is the sun?” Yes we all know that our great British weather can be a bit unpredictable, but you get fa...

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Jun 26 2017 10:15:22:000AM

Know your cruise lines, the lu...

By Silvana Hollinrake

Silvana Hollinrake's blog

Whilst the cruise market is growing, due to continuously growing demand, larger ships are made where innovation plays a big role on each single ship design being made, with more and more beautiful art design decor lavishing the interiors. Since there are many so many cruise lines to choose from, choosing the right one can be challenging. We know how cruise lines and ships are so different from one another. Choosing the right cruise line and the right ship and knowing it is going to be what y...

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Jun 23 2017 10:16:19:000PM