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  • Wilson, Aston Flamville - Commented on this review

    You have probably read my review. You nearly didn't get your table in Todd English! Your reservation card was delivered to our cabin and it was my husband who rang you to say that we had it by mistake. It was yet another example of slack service!

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    • McEwan, Workington Commented on a comment by Wilson (16 Nov 10 10:42)

      We have only cruised 4 times always with Princess which has been very good, but have always looked at Cunard thinking it would be an experience to go on one, from these reviews that I have read, I don't think I will bother, as the experience will be totally opposite to what I would be expecting, thank you.

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  • Kite, PERSHORE - Commented on this review

    Yes, I'm afraid I agree. The afternoon tea was a very stressful 'scramble' for a table and all the staff looked really unhappy. Then you felt all the gazes of the unlucky guests who didn't get a table waiting and watching ready for you to get up. I realise it's not like a longer cruise. I'm hoping my 5 nighter on the QE will be better. At least I won't have to take my own dressing gown (or so I was told - they don't provide them on short cruises). I assumed they would be provided and even though I asked nicely for one twice, as I didn't have my own, they still refused...

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    • Rowe, Stratford upon Avon Commented on a comment by Kite (11 Nov 10 15:31)

      We had an inside cabin and noticed we had no dressing gowns, although we asked and the maid promptly brought 2 to our cabin.

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      • Kite, PERSHORE Commented on a comment by Rowe (12 Nov 10 12:32)

        It's funny actually, we had a cabin steward called Jason. He was like invisible, never saw him once. I suppose as the grats had been added to the account, he didn't feel the need to introduce himself to us. Everything was done though, so it didn't matter. I contacted the pursers desk twice about the dressing gowns (once by phone, once in person when we were down there). It's the first time I have never met a steward. There was no housekeeping option on the buttons on the phone.

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    • Francis, COVENTRY Commented on a comment by Kite (11 Nov 10 16:22)

      Why keep booking short 5 day cruises if you feel they do not meet your requirements.

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      • Kite, PERSHORE Commented on a comment by Francis (12 Nov 10 12:29)

        I go on a few cruises a year.... a couple of short ones (to try out a ship) and then longer 10 night or 14 night ones. I don't think it should matter, you should get the same, long or short (taster) cruise. After all, that's what most people do, to have a look at the ship and see if they like the company. If anything, cruise companies should be making EXTRA effort on these mini cruises!

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  • Bradbury, Billinge, Nr,Wigan,Lancashire - Commented on this review

    Tomsett queries why go on these short cruises and he has a point. However I recall reading quite a few negative views about these short cruises throughout the year and there may be something that Cunard needs to address as those of us on long cruises find it completely different. For example the white gloved service on a long cruise there is no need to rush to experience this and hence not the queues when you have only a few days to experience it. I cannot understand poor service and cold food except to complain at the time. The wine waiter's arrival is often dependent on how many tables he has to get around. Is staffing reduced on these cruises? I hope Cunard can satisfy any complaint you have made to them. Perhaps someone else on this site can offer an explanation.

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    • Woodmansee, Bedford Commented on a comment by Bradbury (14 Nov 10 10:42)

      I'm afraid I have to disagree with you. We went on one of the last cruises on the QE2 for 17 nights and our experience correlates exactly with that described by Rowe. The problem with all the 'British' cruise lines seems to be that they believe their own publicity and we, and many others I suspect, went on Cunard expecting the best and, quite frankly, got probably the worst cruise of the ten we have taken. There seem to be too many Brits prepared to accept poor quality - maybe they have never been fortunate enough to experience really good quality - and the 'British' cruise lines play on this. The Americans would never accept this standard and it is about time we all walked with our feet as well and hopefully improve standards - meanwhile we'll stick with the Americans.

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      • Rowe, Stratford upon Avon Commented on a comment by Woodmansee (14 Nov 10 18:40)

        Completely agree with all these comments.

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