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  • CONEY, FALKIRK - Commented on this review

    I to hope smoking is banned on all cruise ships. For health reasons, and personal reasons. One is if ive paid hundreds of pounds for a outfit or a dress the last thing i want is it to be smelling of smoke. Or to be sat next to a smoker in the resturant smelling like a astray. I also think its disgraceful that so many dont follow the cruiselines strict dress code. If people want to go on holiday dressed in Joggers and t-shirts a cruise is not the place to be especially at nighttime. Im heading on the Queen Elizabeth on the 3rd December out of Rome so i shall see what happens. And report back. This will be my first time on Cunard so im expecting high standards. I have cruised on other cruiselines in the past.

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    • keegans, taunton Commented on a comment by CONEY (23 Apr 14 10:21)

      As a smoker I agree with the no smoking on balconies rule, due to health reasons, but as a non alcoholic I would also like to see a ban on alcohol, also due to health reasons, as it is a fact that alcohol related diseases kill more people than smoking. also I would not have to put up with loud drunken annoying people throughout my holiday.

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      • Ward, Hemel Hempstead Commented on a comment by keegans (18 Jul 14 20:40)

        Maybe we can add over eating to the list too. It's strange that our best experiences on cruises and the most interesting people we have met, have been in the cigar room on Cunard. P&O take note, if you allow a Churchills, or bring back the old Andersons us lepers won't infect the whinging masses.

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  • Stevens, EX4 9EH - Commented on this review

    Why should the minority overule the majority I agree no smoking on cruise ships if you dont like it choose another holiday.

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  • Murphy, Carrara Queensland Australia - Commented on this review

    I hav read many a report before, but this is the first one that I have added a comment. I am pleased that this person will not be travelling with Cunard again. I hope She ( if it is a He, then he has a large hare-em travelling with him) can convince the rest of the smokers to follow. This means that the rooms that they have inhabited will not smell even days after they have vacated. The cloths they ware stink even when they are not lit up, this is very appetising at the dinner tables. Even when walking around the deck on exercise the smoking areas have to be passed. Lets put them into a fully enclosed glass tank for their pleasures where it will not affect anyone but their own. Hosing down after the event would be compulsory. I do, however, agree that they should be allowed to smoke anywhere on any ship providing they supply their own NASA type space suite that they never remove. An avert Cunarder from Down Under.

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  • Mcvie, Ayr - Commented on this review

    Thank God she won't be travelling on Cunard again! Full of moans! Smokers are in the minority now ,HURRAH. Does she not think about the staff, very selfish people!

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  • oakes, barnsley - Commented on this review

    Perhaps you should consider stopping smoking especially with all the adverse health warnings.I personally think smoking should be banned in all areas on ships,it really is an obnoxious habit.

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  • Bednal, Cheshire - Commented on this review

    There is nothing worse when you feel seasick than going out onto your balcony to get the wind on your face and instead getting secondhand cigarette smoke from next door neighbours smoking on their balcony. I don't object to having areas of the ship kept specially for smokers but please do consider others as well as yourselves. Maureen Bednal.

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  • Berry, Waterlooville - Commented on this review

    I feel I must put you right on the balconey smoking issue. Smoking is banned on ALL balconies because there is a fire hazard due to cigarette ends being thrown overboard and being blown back inboard, it's not a vendetta against smokers, just a H & S issue.

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  • Ellis, Bicester - Commented on this review

    Silly woman, summed it up in the statement 'we are the minority ruled by a majority'. If you want to ruin your health by smoking that's fine but I don't want to be a passive smoker. Also I don't want to smell of cigarettes thank you.

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  • Lennox, Oadby - Commented on this review

    Time to think your smoking habit upsets many passengers. Its not about me me me. If you want to smoke on holiday find a hotel that will put up with this vile habit.

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