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Queen Elizabeth

Overview: Queen Elizabeth, a cruise ship that longs to be an ocean liner, suits mature adults and solo travelers, and families with children. It’s pitched at traditionalists who like to dress more formally for dinner, and sail with a sense of style. Note that Berlitz’s Ratings sc...

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  • Cough, SWINDON - Commented on this review

    Beef Wellington and Lobster is wasted on you, Ms Victoria Meldrew, with all that smoking you can't taste it anyway.

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    • Walker, KILMARNOCK Commented on a comment by Haworth (12 Nov 13 14:50)

      I am possibly showing my true colours by stating that anyone who admits to deliberately blowing smoke towards another person with the sole aim of annoying them is a moron and an idiot. I cannot retract any of that statement as it is factually correct. Why would you have said such an idiotic thing ? If i have annoyed you i would suggest that you brought this upon yourself by admitting to carrying out such a moronic act. Why would anyone want to be in your company if you behave in this manner ? You made the statement, not me, and not anyone else. You possibly regret what you said now, and maybe you said it in the heat of the moment, possibly attempting to be funny, but to date have not expained why you would want to do this or why you consider this to be normal behaviour.Any person who deliberately blows smoke at another with the sole purpose of annoying them is a moron and uneducated in my opinion and therefore i am unable to retract that statement also. For the record i do not consider myself to be above anyone, but would never blow smoke in the direction of another to annoy them if i was a smoker. You would be better not wasting anymore of your time arguing with me as there simply is no defence or suitable explanation for such a stupid act ! I would also suggest that by telling someone to get a life implies they do not have one at the moment which is not only stupid but ignorant given the previous posting made by you. Maybe you should learn some basic manners before advising others regarding their life. You may be honest.........but very stupid if you think that blowing smoke in anothers direction is normal behaviour !

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    • Cough, SWINDON Commented on a comment by Haworth (12 Nov 13 15:12)

      And you pay your taxes, so that makes it ok to blow smoke into someone's eyes. Only stupid people mind, how does that work? Do you speak to them first to ascertain their dimness, before engulfing them in a fog. I would advise you not to smoke whilst looking into a mirror.

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    • Jones, SWINDON Commented on a comment by Cruiser (11 Nov 13 22:16)

      He was stating a fact.

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      • Cruiser, NORWICH Commented on a comment by Jones (12 Nov 13 06:57)

        So the Scottish warbler can rant and rave about the reviewer, yet when they get a similar response they are called ignorant, idiotic or morons, I do like equality don't you?

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  • Cruiser, NORWICH - Commented on this review

    Hello Haworth, ignore the ignorance in some of the comments below, all you've done by posting your thoughts on this cruise is upset the Cunard brigade, whether it be about smoking or anything else they'll pick up on it and have their say, they think they are above you or I, I think not, they are just wannabe snobs sailing on a mass market cruise line. Regarding smoking it's something that is happening across more cruise lines, that said it won't be banned totally, there will always be designated areas to smoke, the reason being is 25% of the pax onboard smoke, so don't worry on that score. As for the rest of your points ie: food etc, that's what you get from a mass market cruise ship, bog standard food and service. As the saying goes "you live and learn", there are far better lines out there, and judging by the previous replies, better clientele if they are anything to go by.

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  • gr, HORSHAM - Commented on this review

    I have never been on Cunard but fail to understand why not liking smoking on balconies and people taking two main courses makes you snobby. I presume from this comment that the 'better lines' welcome this sort of behaviour. Thank you for pointing that out...I think I may consider Cunard now.

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  • hood, RADSTOCK - Commented on this review

    I think this person is an idiot!Perhaps we should put all the people who agree with with these views on a cruise and SINK IT !!!

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    • Cruiser, NORWICH Commented on a comment by hood (12 Nov 13 12:48)

      Yet another Cunarder who can't face the fact that their beloved cruise line are now just simply mass market, serving bog standard food to wannabe snobs who think their better than anyone else, their prices prove what sort if market their targeting for eg: £599 for 12nts suggests to me the clientele is not what Cunard used to attract, but if that's what you're used too, who am I to argue. Happy cruising.

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      • Walker, KILMARNOCK Commented on a comment by Cruiser (12 Nov 13 14:28)

        Cruiser for some unknown reason has taken it upon himself to point out to anyone who will listen that Cunard is a bog standard line and serves bog standard food for wannabe snobs ! Why bother to comment if you have nothing positive to say ? If you do not like what Cunard have on offer then do not travel with them, simple as that. To continue though and say that the people who cruise with Cunard are wannabe snobs is a stupid and ill informed comment puting everyone into the same basket. Very foolish indeed and without any substance or evidence whatsoever. However what has been established by reading cruisers continuous drivel is that for some unknown reason he has a down on Cunard and obviously lacks intelligence. If you read what cruiser actually says he defends stupid comments without justification and comes across as an idiot. The truth hurts, but sometimes factual statements are better made than idiotic ones.He does make a very valid poin however when he asks...."who am i to argue ? " The answer is obvious !

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        • Cruiser, NORWICH Commented on a comment by Walker (12 Nov 13 14:58)

          Don't you just love it when a plan comes together, and you call me an idiot, it just proves how gullible you really are. As for Cunard I've had approximately 100 nights onboard with them, and oh how the mighty have fallen, take it from me bog standard is now the norm, mass produced food, mass produced everything, the budget prices prove that, if you are prepared to stoop so low go ahead, fortunately you won't be seeing me there. ;0).

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