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MS Volendam

Overview: Volendamhas the flow, artwork and comfortable feeling that repeat passengers will recognize from almost any ship in the Holland America Line (HAL) fleet....

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COSTA CRUISES / NeoClassica / Mediterranean

on 5th Apr 2016, By

This was our first time cruising with Costa and when we arrived on the ship they took our photo as we walked in but no-one explained the process to us and we were expecting to receive our 'costa...

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COSTA CRUISES / NeoClassica / Indian Ocean

on 25th Feb 2015, By

Just come back from a fantastic trip round the Indian ocean on costa Neo classica. Now my family and I have previously sailed on the Costa classica back in 2010 and whilst we accepted the ship is...

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Emily Watts's blog

Branson Jumps On Board

By Emily Watts

The latest new’s is Richard Branson made an announcement in Miami last week he will be launching Virgin Voyages between 2020 and 2022. The reason behind this? He feels the industry is lacking in something. These are interesting words and I would like to know how many cruise’s he has been on. He has gone with ‘ Voyages’ as he thinks the word cruise is awful and can’t understand why companies use it in their title.Founder and President of Virgin Group Sir Richard B...

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Oct 25 2016 12:00PM

Duke of Lancaster and its retr...

By Haydn Jones

Haydn Jones's blog

I’ve just come across this article which I read with interest as it involved a ship and even more worrying retro arcade games I remember playing when I was a boy. I can remember when I was about 5 years old being given money to go to my local shop and play these games so funny to see them.Stricken ship off the North Wales coastThis ship is the Duke of Lancaster.It’s been docked (shipwrecked) on the banks of an estuary for 37 years. A colleague has just said to me it looks like a...

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Oct 27 2016 09:26PM

Where Does The Time Go?

By Freddie Moser

Freddie Moser's blog

So this weekend I celebrate my First, or Paper, Wedding Anniversary!I cannot actually believe it’s been almost a year since I tied the knot and it got me thinking about how fast time actually moves, and how much those big and life changing events are hugely important in ones life.Being a Cruise Agent means it’s both a job, but also a passion of mine, travelling around the world from place to place, coast to coast, and drinking in as many places as possible before I croak – h...

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Oct 25 2016 10:26AM