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Blown Away Solo By Baltic Cities.

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  • Vincent, Market Bosworth - Commented on this review

    Interesting review. We are due to cruise on this ship very soon. We have sailed 6 or 7 times before with Costa so pretty much know the score! We have been on the Sister ship to Deliziosa, Luminosa and enjoyed that cruise. I was interested in your comment " At a small premium on the inside cabin I had requested I was given an extremely spacious and well appointed outside cabin with an extremely comfortable double bed and enough wardrobe and table top space to satisfy a movie star - well a minor one perhap" Would you mind telling me at what stage of your booking did this happen? Had you already been allocated your cabin before the upgrade was offered, or was this at the booking stage? How did the " small premium " compare against what you would have had to pay initially when booking? Regards Frank.

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  • Vincent, Market Bosworth - Commented on this review

    I just wanted to be sure that you were notified of my question as I have not as yet received a reply. Regards Frank .

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