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Diane Cockburn's blog

A New Home for Magnifica

By Diane Cockburn

News this week is that MSC Cruises have announced that Magnifica will be spending the whole of 2018 Season in Southampton.MSC Cruises was found back in the late 80’s and since then has become one of the fastest growing Cruise Lines out there with a 15 Ship fleet to date and more planned in the near future.Magnifica is part of the the 4 strong Musica Class and was launched back in 2009.She carries upto 3200 passengers within her 92,000 Tonnage and is certainly a force to be reckoned with...

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Mar 28 2017 09:56:14:000PM

10 years of working at www.CRUISE.co.uk

By Jo Cunningham

Jo Cunningham's blog

This week I celebrated 10 years of working at www.CRUISE.co.uk and I thought that this was worth shouting aboutI have really enjoyed my 10 years at www.CRUISE.co.uk. I love talking to people and helping their dreams come true, talking cruises is such a lovely thing to do. Every call is different ranging from people who know exactly what they want, to first time passengers looking for help and advice. Over the years I have built up some fantastic relationships with my customers and love my catch ups, ...

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Mar 24 2017 08:44:48:000AM

Cruise Lines getting even Greedier?

By Tom Harding

Tom Harding's blog

This has to be one of the most controversial subjects when it comes to cruising! Tip, Gratuities, Service Charges whatever you want to call them? Do you pre-pay them or tip the members of staff personally when you get on board?I suppose its down to who you are and how much you want to spend overall, some people like to pre-pay them as they then feel they dont have to worry about it, but countless times I have ask and people have double tipped as they felt they had to on board so how much are ...

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Mar 28 2017 08:56:19:000PM