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Celebrity Solstice

Overview: Celebrity Solsticeis a sleek-looking ship, with two slim funnels....

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  • Elward, Swansea - Commented on this review

    Sorry you had a bad cruise and your wife had an accident but very pleased to hear you were unable to avoid the norovirus precautions. If no one avoided the precautions and washed their hands after using the toilet no one would get norovirus. It's not really the cruise line's fault - it's their grubby passengers. I have watched people deliberately avoiding the hand gel as if it was some sort of insult - it isn't!

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    • BEST, weston super mare Commented on a comment by Elward (15 Sep 12 13:11)

      I was on the solstice in 2010 and also watched countless people avoiding the hand gel on board and also one person on returning to the ship arguing with the crew and refusing to use the gel before boarding the ship and the countless times i would be washing my hands in the toilets and watch my fellow passengers exit the stalls and walk straight out the door leaving me with the dilemma of how to open the door without touching it. i always thought the nice fluffy hand towels were useful for two reasons only used public toilets in emergency preferring to walk back to our cabin .

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      • bola, St. Helens Commented on a comment by BEST (15 Sep 12 22:53)

        I was on RCI indy earlier this year. Whilst great, it never ceases to amaze that certain Neanderthals choose to ignore, or not understand the meaning of soap and water, you would think the sight of others trying to ensure a healthy holiday, may spur those clearly from the lower end of the gene pool to administer basic hygiene. Unfortunately not, and I am forever reminded of one knuckle dragging baboon exiting a urinal and wiping his hands on his trousers. As long as such cavemen are allowed on ships, the rest of us invariably suffer. Perhaps future passengers should have to complete a basic hygiene training course before they are allowed anywhere near a ship.

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      • TERRELL, Llanelli Commented on a comment by BEST (12 Apr 18 21:41)

        I've told a few people on board ships to wash their hands as they tried to leave washrooms I also allways use a paper towel to open the doors . Also I was in a bar in the UK once and was shocked to see how many women didn't wash I commented to one in the bar about dirty people and she said I guess you're a nurse to which I said no I'm not . Shocking .

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  • Hewitt, Skipton - Commented on this review

    Are you by chance seeking compensation?

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  • WILLIAMSON, BARNSLEY - Commented on this review

    Sorry to hear about the broken nose, but accidents happen. Presumably no-one else has had problems with the step so it would seem that this was a one-off, unfortunate accident. Your wife was lucky that she didn't have to spend the rest of the cruise in hospital!

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  • Soons, Lincoln - Commented on this review

    We have been on the Solstice recently and must admit we thought precautions against Norovirus was very good hand gel everywhere and reminders from staff to use it everytime entering restaurants etc.If an outbreak occurs then it has surely the passengers fault.

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  • Hollinshead, Stoke on Trent - Commented on this review

    I was on solstice in August and thought the precautions were fab. I Have to say I never heard one announcement for the captain during dinner throughout the whole cruise. I'd be interested to know if anyone else did. In fact one of the best cruises I've ever done (and I've done a few with different lines).

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  • yeahman, WORCESTER - Commented on this review

    Waiting for the theatre lights to come up would be a good idea !!! We travelled on Solstice in May and were impressed with the anti - norovirus precautions... I got a dose on Azura last December despite being ultra careful. I urge you to give Celebrity a chance... We have another two cruises booked this year on Silhouette and Reflection, and rate the food and staff as excellent !!

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  • Bushby, Adsubia - Commented on this review

    So the step wasn't there when you went to your seats?? Compensation, compensation!!!!!

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