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Haydn Jones's blog

My NON cruise holiday this Easter.

By Haydn Jones

I’ve just come back from a family Easter holiday to Spain, surprisingly not on a cruise this time. My children are of the age where we have to go away during school holidays. We decided on Benalmadena, Spain as we have been before , its not too far, and the boys love it there. The weather was absolutely glorious, we were so lucky this time of year to have 10 days of boiling sunshine. Benalmdena is a town on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol, known for its beaches and the modern Pue...

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Apr 21 2017 07:33:28:000PM

Ive Given Up Booze!

By Freddie Moser

Freddie Moser's blog

After my recent expert guide to cruise booze, I have done a complete 180 spin over the last three weeks and not touched a drop of the stuff.As many of you will know by now my wife and I are expecting a son in August, and so in support of her I have decided to kick booze into touch for the foreseeable future.I recognize that if she needs any emergency trips to the hospital etc, I need to be in good shape to jump in the car and take her, it’s the responsible thing to do.It’s not bee...

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Apr 27 2017 08:58:17:000AM

My Azamara Quest

By Trevor Smith

Trevor Smith's blog

A few weeks ago I was asked if I could attend a trip to view, experience and learn some more about Azamara and it’s ship, The Quest.Absolutely.Naturally I was very excited, as much as what I know about Azamara from brochures, customer feedback and learning programmes there is never a substitute for experiencing a ship first hand. She met all my expectations and then went on to exceed them.Azamara are big on service, presentation and attention to detail but what I feel they are most prou...

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Apr 27 2017 05:37:36:000PM