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Beautiful Eclipse!

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  • Hudson, South Lincs - Commented on this review

    Perhaps they did not reduce the price of your cabin by £1000, after you had paid in full, or play music so loud you could not converse with your partner. Both 'negative' comments on our Eclipse cruise last year.

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    • Torres, Scarborough Commented on a comment by Hudson (04 Mar 13 18:49)

      Most cruise lines reduce prices on unsold cabins close to sailing time. That is a chance you take when you book early. We don't care for loud music, but as long as I can find a quiet spot when I want one I will be happy. I agree with the reviewer, Celebrity S class are our favourite ships. Our only disagreement is that we are definitely NOT Perry Grant fans!!

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      • Nemenyi, Stanmore Commented on a comment by Torres (04 Mar 13 20:27)

        We had been trying to get another cabin anywhere for our son to join us on the trip who was in Florida with us at the time. Even at the last moment and on boarding we were told that that particular cruise was completely sold out. Going back to the music issue, I cannot recall any loud music anywhere? I can only think of the zumba session for 40 minutes when we were on deck. Terrific music by the way!

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        • Fox, BRISTOL Commented on a comment by Nemenyi (05 Mar 13 07:53)

          Well deserved comments we are going on the Eclispe in May i cannot wait, the staff could not do enough for us. My husband was suffering very bad ezcema bleeding. Our state room attendant changed our bed every day even if there was no blood on there. Its so clean the glass's were shining every thing was perfect. TO find fault with this ship would be hard. I went on the Contestellation last year not a patch on this one. Never heard loud music either. RCI now there music is loud.

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        • Nemenyi, Stanmore Commented on a comment by Hudson (04 Mar 13 20:20)

          No they didn't.

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  • Browning, Manchester - Commented on this review

    It is good to read your review as we are booked on the Eclipse, concierge on deck 10 too in September. I was a bit worried about what people had said about the music.

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    • Nemenyi, Stanmore Commented on a comment by Browning (04 Mar 13 22:56)

      I hope you enjoy the cruise as much as we did. I honestly don't understand the music comment. I just can't recall any loud music. I wouldn't have thought it was the kind of ship where music would be played loudly anywhere unless you actively sought out the band or jazz quartet etc. Maybe the writer will clarify. I think people can always find something to gripe about on any cruise. You can't please everybody. There are certain cruises we have been on where I could have been critical but this wasn't one of them. We didn't read any reviews about the Eclipse before we went and formed our own opinions. Enjoy!

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    • CALLAGAN, Cheshire Commented on a comment by Browning (05 Mar 13 06:30)

      We stayed on deck 10 concierge last year - fantastic cruise - we don't recall any music. We have booked the same deck again for September this year, certainly would not have done if it had been noisy.

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    • Southouse, Jersey Commented on a comment by Browning (18 Feb 14 12:53)

      We too are on Eclipse in September, concierge on deck 10... We cruised on Silhouette last year and it was the best ever cruise that we have done, celebrity have our future bookings!

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  • Atkins, Worksop - Commented on this review

    Regarding your comment: "I just cannot understand the negative comments about this ship!", my wife and I went for two weeks on Eclipse last summer - great cruise to Iceland and the Fjords, but I hated all that cheap looking vinyl everywhere and those awful, uncomfortable tub chairs in the dining room and in some of the lounges. You couldn't even get your face near the wash basin in the cabin as they have those awful taps which hog the central part of the basin! If that's what they call 'solsticising' their ships, then it's not for me. A victory for so-called style over function no doubt, but not to my taste. The staff were great and the itinerary excellent.

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