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Perfect Voyage For School Holidays.

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Gordon Maney's blog

Give PEACE a chance.

By Gordon Maney

In the words of the late, great John Lennon…..”All we are saying is give peace a chance.”As the news started to filter through of the horrific happenings unfolding in Spain yesterday, my first thought was, not again.In the last few years there have been terror related attacks in London, Manchester, Nice, Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Stockholm, as well as the beach attack in Tunisia and various incidents in the USA.    For many years my wife and I had many hap...

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Aug 18 2017 09:04:39:000AM

A Matter Of Opinion.

By Sam Smith

Sam Smith's blog

How valid are opinions from people we dont know? Ive been compelled to write this week about the validity of opinions, more specifically opinions I encounter on a daily basis on the quality or otherwise of certain cruise lines/ships.When discussing cruise options with clients Ive often encountered many saying: I was interested in xxxxxx (insert cruise line/ship here), but I read a bad review so Ill give it a missNow I understand no-one wants to read a bad review of their chosen holiday option...

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Aug 19 2017 08:31:59:000AM

London Bound

By Erica Todd

Erica Todd's blog

Wow what a weekend I have just returned from the most fantastic weekend in London with Jack, and one of my best friends Stacy and her daughter Millie,We travelled down Saturday and had a 2-night stay in the Premier Inn at Tower Bridge, great location and 1 stop on the tube on the Northern line, we headed out with the kids late afternoon over to Leicester Square for some tea at TGI FridaysGreat meal and then we headed to the fun of Aladdin at the Prince Edward Theatre, we knew we had booked se...

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Aug 14 2017 08:06:58:000PM