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Dissapointed Med Cruise-eclipse Not For Us.

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  • G, Kent - Commented on this review

    You will incur the wrath of the over sensitive parents. We went on the child friendly Oriana last year. Never again! A lot of parents just want to get rid of the children for two weeks. They then form packs and bingo!You have gangs of out of control children wandering around wrecking other people's holidays. There were even cases of 'responsible' parents leaving their sprogs on board on shore days and going onshore to enjoy themselves. Take my advice go on adult only ships e.g The Oriana from this November. Otherwise you are wasting your hard earned money.

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    • Hanna, Burnley Commented on a comment by G (15 Aug 11 17:35)

      We have booked on the Eclipse next sept 2012,we booked sept so as to avoid the school hols,if you decide to go in late july and the whole of August,you will tend to find more children onboard as its the school hols in the uk. we cruised on the grand princess this year in late june and there where very very few children onboard,failing that,then its an adults only ship if you want to avoid the young ones altogether.

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  • reed, SKEGNESS - Commented on this review

    It is an unfortunate fact of life that UK centred cruises in August will be full of children and an even more unfortunate fact of life that the majority will be ferral. Having said that I think your review is a little harsh, praising the food, the staff and the cabins but only awarding 1 star overall. I too have travelled on Eclipse with a full complement and find it hard to believe that the theatre was too busy to use. We attended every show without any problem or queuing. I would also offer a word of caution of comparison with Butlins - have youi been on a Butlins hioliday recently?

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    • Boyce, Warwickshire Commented on a comment by reed (15 Aug 11 14:49)

      How dare you? The majority of children? Even if you could spell 'feral' your point would still be hollow (incidentally what fun would you and the other fascists have if a child mis-spelled such an everyday word, but no doubt you'll claim it is a typo). Most children are well behaved, and play by the rules even when their elders set such an appalling example. I have lost count of the number of times I have held a door or moved aside in favour of another passenger without the slightest acknowledgement - EVERY time it's an older passenger without the manners they demand from others. Please think before posting such vile prejudice.

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      • reed, SKEGNESS Commented on a comment by Boyce (15 Aug 11 19:25)

        I agree with you totally that our children are often set a very bad example by adults - usually by those that are old enough to know better and should certainly have been taught good manners when they were children and I am not afraid to express my dissatisfaction at their behaviour either. I am not actually critical of the children, who, by their nature can be high spirited. My criticism is with the increasing number of parents who do nothing to stop their children behaving in such a disruptive manner and allow them to roam free without supervision. I am not a fascist and I do not have a vile prejudice against anything or anyone. I was simply speaking the truth as I find it - if you take a cruise from the UK in August you are very likely to have your holiday spoilt by rampaging children. You may notice that may others have expressed similar comments but you have not chosen to apply your wrath to them. I did think carefully before I posted my comment and I stand by it.

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        • P, Louth Commented on a comment by reed (15 Aug 11 20:02)

          Well said! Yes it is the parents who want nothing to do with their children who are the problem.As long as they are out of sight they are out of mind. There is no dispute that children left unsupervised can easily get totally out of control. I have witnessed this myself on another ship so I know the reviewer and yourself are not making it up. Even when there are so called adult pools or recreation areas the children still take no notice and the staff do nothing to enforce the regulations. Believe you me I have done mainly adult only cruises and they have been heavan on earth.

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      • Wood, lancashire Commented on a comment by Boyce (16 Aug 11 21:54)

        Totally agree with you Boyce as we too have travelled/cruised many times with our children through the years...and still do. Yes there are the odd parents who don't give a toot how their children behave and shame on them..but our kids 'like most others' have always behaved well with impeccable manners and as you say the behaviour of some of the older passengers leaves a lot to be desired. My kids don't pile their plates high with too much food they don't need or sit with feet up on chairs then others cannot sit near them. Neither do they ignore people who hold doors open for them - my 9 year old took time to hold a door for a group of around 15 sixty plus'ers as they walked from one room to another...and not one acknowledged him or said thankyou...I felt like tripping one of them up. So before anyone thinks of criticising the behaviour of kids on cruises..just take a good look at your peers?

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        • L, L Commented on a comment by Wood (17 Aug 11 10:03)

          Unless you are with your children for the entire cruise how do you know how they are behaving? Don't forget children behave differenttly when they are in unsupervised packs than they do with their parents. The majority of children I see on cruise ships are not with their parents. They are generally wandering around in packs and their parents are sunning themselves enjoying the freedom.Most don't want to see their children till evening mealtime and sometimes not even then. You say they they are well behaved when they are away from you but how do you know? I have even seen cases on the Oriana when the children were left onboard on shore days whilst their parents went ashore.They couldn't even be bothered to entertain them on shore days.Naturally the kids had a whale of a time at the expense of the adults still on the ship. As for this red herring about adults behaving badly.Rubbish. I have just returned from an adult only cruise and the behaviour was impeccable.The atmosphere was calm and happy.No complaints whatsoever.

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          • Kite, PERSHORE Commented on a comment by L (18 Aug 11 07:08)

            I see a lot of rude adults also, and I've been on Cunard, P&O, RCI and Celebrity. Fact of life, you get a bit of all sorts. Also, with P&O, you are NOT allowed to get off at ports and not take the children, and even so, how would you know the parents were ashore and had left their children. You'll be ok on Oriana now, it's adult only.....

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            • L, L Commented on a comment by Kite (18 Aug 11 10:30)

              I knew because the staff were actually going around the ship asking where the out of control children's parents were! This happened at two ports at least.

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