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Dissapointed Med Cruise-eclipse Not For Us. by Appleby, Southampton

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Celebrity Eclipse

OVERVIEW: This is a sister ship toCelebrity Equinox(2009),Celebrity Reflection(2012),Celebrity Silhouette(2011), andCelebrity Solstice(2008).

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Dissapointed Med Cruise-eclipse Not For Us.

Overall Rating: 1

20 out of 29 people found this useful
Cruise Line:
Celebrity Cruises
Cruise Ship:
Celebrity Eclipse

Reviewed By: on
We have just returned from a med cruise on Celebrity Eclipse. Having cruised several times before (in the US/Carribean etc)we were looking forward to celebrate our anniversary in Europe without a long haul flight.
Firstly, boarding the ship at Southampton was quick and easy. The staff could not have done more and our suite was lovely & clean with plenty of room and lots of storage space.
The cabin attendant looked after us fabulously and the restaurant staff were amazing, working really hard. Food was really good and lots of choice.
The places we visited were lovely and we really enjoyed visiting differnt places. We arranged our own trips which was easy and we could go at our own pace.
On the down side, we felt that the ship was really packed all the time in all areas. Around the pools people were putting towels on sun longers in both shady areas and open sun so that they could go from one to the other. Also saved loungers when they were away on trips so that they could come back and still have a space free. We did not manage to get a lounger around the pool at all. Also, and I hate to say this, most of the children were a nightmare and their parents were no-where to be seen. Examples were- running up/down corridoors at night, playing in lifts, underage drinking, kids pouring ice-cream over the stairwells from highest deck, girls in stillettos jumping over the sofas in public areas, kids on dance floor all night. Staff did not seem to bother to sort out the behaviour and alert their parents. Sadly 99% were British with only the American/other nationality children being well behaved.
Fair to say, we were dissapointed and will go back to the US next time. We are not snobs but this is fine if you like Butlins!

20 out of 29 people found this useful

Times cruised before: 6-10
Sailed: August, 2011
Age: 46-55
Cabin: Balcony
Occasion: Wedding anniversary

Quality of Food

Only managed to see one show as theatresere far too busy.

Shore Excursions
We arranged our own which was fine


Children's Facilities

Onboard Activities


Overall Rating
Review useful?
Gale -
, Farnborough - Commented about this Review
It is true that children tend to misbehave when their parents are not watching and if they are in small groups but it is upto us as responsible adults to tell them what they are doing wrong and how they should be acting. If they fail to respond a member of staff would definitely intervene. I haven't sailed on Celebrity but have on Royal (in august - even more kids :)) and found guest services very proactive with behaviour control of children and young adults. If all adults on cruise ships took responsibility in this way to 'nip it in the bud' it would not escalate into affecting someones holiday.
28 Sep 11 17:31 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
robbins -
, grays - Commented about this Review
We were under the impression that as this was quite an expensive holiday, generally speaking an average kind of family would have looked elsewhere..... when i was a child we had camping holidays in cornwall and loved it. my personal opinion is that a holiday like this is wasted on the majority of children.... giving an unsupervised child unlimited access to junk food, icecream, jellybeans etc is just crazy in my opinion.......we did see some unbelievable sights on this ship..... never again in august.... thats my grumpy old tuppence worth.
19 Aug 11 08:14 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
P -
, Leeds - Commented about a Comment by robbins (19 Aug 11 08:14)
Quite agree. Its like a bad science experiment. Unsupervised children junk food ['e' numbers] x enclosed space = nightmare holiday.
19 Aug 11 13:14 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
bradley - , esher - Commented about this Review
What planet are you on. I was on the same cruise and saw no bad behaviour. Security were everywhere making sure teenagers behaved to a high standard. They couldn't have managed it better. I'm sure they won't miss you if you go elsewhere. You should have dragged yourself to the theatre more often - every act was 5 star!!
16 Aug 11 18:57 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
appleby -
, southampton - Commented to a Question by bradley (16 Aug 11 18:57)
The same planet as you I guess Bradley! We can only report the facts as we saw them which will obviously differ from person to person. It's sad that they have to have security everywhere (?) to ensure teenagers behave. I feel that is the responsibility of the parents surely to bring their kids up properly, but given the attitudes of some parents it does not surprise me at all. Also, maybe your standards of expectations are lower than ours & all the other passengers that have agreed with my post. Oh well, I suppose that's what makes us different and interesting at the end of the day!!
17 Aug 11 16:38 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
L -
, L - Commented to a Question by bradley (16 Aug 11 18:57)
I can't understand why bradley is so unnecessarily aggresive and bad tempered. The reviewer has made a valid point about children. I too have seen unwelcome behaviour from unsupervised children on other cruises.Yes it does go on and no security does nothing about it. The reviewer has no reason to make things up or exagerate the bad behaviour. As for the use of the phrase 'drag yourself to the theatre' well that is appropriate.I would literally have to do that as I find cruise 'entertainment'dire and actually embarassing. It reminds of the appalling'chicken in the basket' clubs I went to in Liverpool in the 1970's.Seen one show seen the lot.
17 Aug 11 09:47 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Kirby -
, Stevenage - Commented about this Review
I too was on this sailing but have a differing opinion. Yes, there were lots of children as you would expect in peak season during the school holidays. I did note a few (& I mean very few) annoying incidents with children but overall the children’s behaviour was much better than many of the summer cruises I have been on. I managed to get a sun lounger every single day & no, I did not go on trips with a towel remaining on my lounger but maybe just got up earlier or got back from port earlier than you. The pool butlers were enforcing the 30 minute rule, certainly on the upper deck (deck 14 = few children but still near the pool) as were the officers. Did you not bring the neglected/abandoned sun loungers to the attention of the staff? We did on occasions & the appropriate action was taken. Good advice given by previous posters - If you don’t like children, don’t go in the school holidays.
16 Aug 11 13:37 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
appleby -
, southampton - Commented about this Review
If I can add that we too have two boys, one sixteen and the other twenty two. We have travelled with both of them in the past and as they are both sporty, found it easy to 'pal up' with other children. We have taught our children to respect others and are well mannered. I agree with those that posted to my review that it is the parents at fault. Most did not want to know what their kids were up too -as long as it didn't spoil their holiday. We have holidayed in the US & Caribbean during their holiday period with no problem at all. We went in August as were celebrating our anniversary, but as others so rightly point out- don't go during the school holidays if you want to enjoy your holiday. We certainly won't be doing this again in Europe.
16 Aug 11 12:15 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
C -
, Oxfordshire - Commented about this Review
Ok, first of all, if you don't like kids, don't go on holiday in August. It's a fact, there are lots of them. Personally, I wish I didn't have to holiday at that time but I too have children so have to accept it, and I would be very careful as to the ship I would holiday on during peak times. I will accept that there were a few children on board this time (30 July Med cruise - Eclipse) who needed a good slap. At 2am making plenty of noise on deck 5, starboard, rocking furiously on the chairs - yes kids you know who you are! Thank goodness I can safely say that my children were in bed sharing a room with us, so not guilty, although we did allow ours to have a fair amount of freedom so they too could enjoy their holiday and luckily if they did see anything they were not comfortable with they came straight to us. Don't be fooled, our kids are not perfect by any means, but they do know what behaviour is expected from them. From what our children have told us, some of the children who behaved badly had their own rooms so they literally did what they wanted whenever they wanted. This is the first holiday our kids have had where they have had a certain level of independence. Yes, children make friends and hang out in groups but I did not find this to be a problem generally. You should look around at some of the overweight, bad mannered adult Brits who ought to know better! I certainly saw enough of those! On a brighter note, this was our second cruise on the Eclipse and it was just as fantastic as the first (Oct 2010, Canaries). The same high standard of staff, food, cleanliness, facilities, etc. I would definitely recommend and I would certainly visit again.
15 Aug 11 22:01 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Lack -
, thornton - cleveleys - Commented about this Review
Unfortunately, as your cruise experience was similar to ours (Baltic 17/7/2011), it would be safe to say that both the ship and cruise line are weak when it comes to dealing disruptive passengers. We've done a few cruises on adult only ships in recent years and these are great (though maybe to many football shirts these days?), but definitely the best way to holiday.
15 Aug 11 14:29 - Reply - Was this comment useful?

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