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Celebrity Eclipse


Overview: This slimline ship is a sister toCelebrity Equinox(2009),Celebrity Reflection(2012),Celebrity Silhouette(2011), andCelebrity Solstice(2008).

Eclipse Baltic Cruise July 2011.

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  • morris, st columb - Commented on this review

    Your thoughts on the cabin storage and the bathroom reflect mine exactly .....and I suspect many others....I wonder if things have changed on the Silhouette????

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  • K, Leicestershire - Commented on this review

    Couldn't agree more about the behaviour of some of the passengers on this ship. It spoilt our holiday. We had two adjoining cabins and the neighbours on both sides were appalling. We have never experienced anything like it in all the years we have been on cruise holidays. We were woken at all hours of the night/early morning and there was constant noise, thumping, banging of doors throughout the day. I came home tired out rather than relaxed and refreshed. Celebrity's reaction to numerous complaints was weak. I will write a review when I have time but suffice to say Celebrity can target new markets (Spain, Mexico and Oman on this particular cruise) for ex-Southampton sailings all it likes but I won't be onboard. Very disappointed as until now Celebrity was our preferred cruise line.

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    • Burke, Watford Commented on a comment by K (06 Aug 11 10:07)

      Interesting thought to exclude a cruise line because of passenger behaviour! To that end we would never go P&O again because of fighting!, Princess for hoards of unruly childen, Cunard for making some people feel lower class and RC for drunken bored teenagers. Move on - these ships are huge and full of people, I agree it is annoying when your neighbours are inconciderate and the staff do nothing but until passengers are screened for suitability to mix - deal with it by being prepared. We have been on Eclipse twice in the last year and naturally it was different each time but not Celebritys fault.

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      • K, Leicestershire Commented on a comment by Burke (07 Aug 11 20:44)

        Re: Burke's comment... As you were not on this particular cruise I doubt that you fully appreciate how bad things were. There were over 500 Spanish people on board along with numerous large groups from Mexico and Oman - this created a lot of problems. Neither did you have to deal with the neighbours from hell that we did. In the case of one neighbouring cabin the people were not merely inconsiderate, they were out to cause trouble from the first day on board, and, thanks to Celebrity's lacklustre response, they succeeded. To date the OP's post is the only review of this cruise added to this site so far. I agree with everything he/she said. As I said in my initial response we have cruised for many years. We have travelled with all the major cruise lines. We have never experienced anything like the attitudes and behaviours on display on this last trip. With regards to Celebrity, a cruise line I have travelled with many times previously (and always been very satisfied with), I firmly believe that the majority of the problems experienced were directly due to 1) where this cruise was sold and 2) the company's unwillingness to enforce its own Guest Conduct policy. They created the situation but failed to deal with the fallout. If they persist with this approach they will simply antagonise many more UK passengers. I do not need to be told to "move on" thank you.

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        • Lewis, Bridgend Commented on a comment by K (16 Aug 11 12:30)

          I must totally agree with the comments made. It was the first time my wife and I sailed with celebrity and we felt the cruise was spoiled by the noise of the Spanish / Mexican guests. We did note the amount of money they seamed to be spending in the casino / shops perhaps this is why their behavior was not addressed.

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  • John, Ryde - Commented on this review

    How does a range of ratings that includes two fives, one four, one three and two two's equate to an overall grade of one?

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    • Lack, Thornton - Cleveleys Commented on a comment by John (05 Aug 11 14:19)

      I see what you mean, but the rating of one star was for the overall cruise experience, in my personal opinion. The ship was ok, the staff & food were good and the ports as expected. But, taking all this into account and balancing it against the class of ship, the total cost of the cruise and experience of other cruises and cruise lines, it was an unsatisfactory holiday! Sorry.

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  • Scaling, YORK - Commented on this review

    I find your review hard to believe, i was on this ship in June and there wasn't anything that i found to complain about, our balcony cabin was wonderful, (we had a sofa next to the balcony), the bathroom was the best i'd ever had, and why there wasn't enough space for your clothes i don't know, all i can think is you must have taken alot of cases. We ate in the mdr and every night the food was great.I do agree with the expensive drinks, but we were aware of this, i always do my homework before a cruise so we were aware of prices, if you have only sailed with P&O one gets spoilt as they are very cheap, afterall this is a five star ship, and if you compare this to a four star you should expect to pay more. I gave this ship five stars for my overall rating and i am hoping to sail on her again.

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    • Funky Face Painter, PERSHORE Commented on a comment by Scaling (14 Aug 11 08:47)

      Totally agree, for someone who has sailed with Celebrity before, you know what the drink prices are and the shuttles are charged for. With a bit of homework, we have just come off Eclipse and got off at every port but Livorno (where you don't have a choice) and didn't use one shuttle. I also like cunard, the shuttles are included, but overall more expensive. As for the storage space, well 4 of us with 6 bags/cases go into a balcony quite well when you are organised.....

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      • Lack, Blackpool Commented on a comment by Funky Face Painter (14 Aug 11 18:13)

        You are right the cases do fit under the bed, if you read the report the gripe is lack of drawer space. The wardrobe was fine however one cannot hang T shirts and shorts in it. We have cruised many times and are perfectly well organised and as the clothes we use are only reserved for our cruises one can safely say they have fitted into other cabin drawers and for longer vacations.

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