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First Cruise With Celebrity - But Not The Last!

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  • Josey, Whitwick - Commented on this review

    Totally agree with you about Celebrity. We always have an aqua class cabin solely to be able to dine in Blu. Exceptional food and service in a much more intimate atmosphere. Well worth the extra. We are on the Silhouette in four weeks in the Caribbean on the cruise dubbed Noahs Ark because we have had so many ports changed. I'm sure you will enjoy your next cruise just as much as we will enjoy this one.

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    • Fenwick , Birmingham Commented on a comment by Josey (29 Oct 17 11:04)

      Thanks for your comment. We have booked Aqua for our next cruise and from what you say this will suit us. We also got a drinks package in the deal so we will see how that works for us. I’m sure we will have a wonderful time and so will you in the Caribbean.

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      • Josey, Whitwick Commented on a comment by Fenwick (29 Oct 17 11:39)

        We always have a the basic drinks package and have never needed to upgrade it. Unless you are very particular about brands there is plenty of choice. Make sure you have joined the Captains Club. The perks are very worth it when you reach Elite.

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        • Calverley, Huddersfield Commented on a comment by Josey (01 Nov 17 07:49)

          If the drinks package comes with the cruise it is worth it to me for the water alone, which I collect from a bar, as the mini bar price in the room is $5 daily. I like a kettle in my room, so I can have an early morning cup of tea, but buying the water for it can be very costly.

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          • Clayton , Dronfield Commented on a comment by Calverley (13 Nov 17 11:24)

            Why on earth do you need bottled water for the kettle. You don't even need bottled water to drink on board. All the water is desalinated on the cruise ships these days and is perfectly drinkable cold, let alone when boiled in a kettle.

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          • PARKER, PORTSMOUTH Commented on a comment by Josey (29 Oct 17 19:44)

            We have been Aqua class 11 times we have booked for 2018 and booked for 2019,the only difference is in same cabin same time of year same area in 2019 is now £3367 MORE WITH NO DRINKS PACKAGE .I THINK I WILL BE CANCELLING UNLESS THEY DROP THERE PRICES VERY SHORTLY.

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            • may, windsor Commented on a comment by PARKER (01 Nov 17 09:12)

              Hi, I totally agree with this, cruises this year have made the prices impossible for us to book - prices escalating beyond belief - also a 'free drinks package' doesn't exist, the prices have been inflated substantially to supposedly include this 'offer'.

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              • Lewis, Stockton-On-Tees Commented on a comment by may (13 Nov 17 14:56)

                Travel companies do advertise some cruises with "special off drinks package" this is nearly always to inflate their profit margin. I drink very little and cannot stomach any wine, consequently out bar bill on ships means the "package" extra is never of economical sense. I do appreciate in the last 12 months or more cruise fares have risen beyond any inflation. The answer shop around and ask for no drink inclusive package. David Stockton-On-Tees .

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            • George 3, Gateshead Commented on a comment by PARKER (02 Nov 17 23:28)

              Been twice on Aqua class and find it nothing special and over priced as for the food very poor and unhealthy "food poison both occasions " maybe I'm a bit critical but was in charge of the orient express and top class food was the norm so far better to book ordinary cabin and go to the specialty restaurants and save. As for the price increases hate to mention it again but a lot down to that vote again as the £ crashed after it.

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            • Lockhart, Lanarkshire Commented on a comment by PARKER (12 Nov 17 19:00)

              Totally agree, I've been pricing Celebrity for next year and the difference between an inside stateroom (no drinks package of course) and an ocean view in several of their itineraries is £1000 - they must think we're completely stupid. It will be interesting to see how th e pricing changes once their current "sale" finishes on Wednesday.

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