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Tom Harding's blog

Good move or Bad move P&O?

By Tom Harding

P&O Cruises currently have 7 ShipsBritannia Large Family Friendly ShipAzura Medium Family Friendly ShipVentura – Medium Family Friendly ShipOceana Small to Medium Family Friendly ShipAurora – Small to Medium Family Friendly ShipArcadia – Medium Adult Only ShipOriana Small to Medium Adult Only ShipAdonia was the smallest in the Fleet and Adults Only but will leave P&O shortly to take place in the Azamara Fleet.Britannia in SouthamptonThose that know me, will know...

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Feb 23 2018 12:17:41:000PM

No Kids Allowed

By Dawn Gardener

Dawn Gardener's blog

P&O made the announcement today that in 2019 the Aurora will have a refit and become an Adult Only ship to join Arcadia and Oriana for the No Kids Allowed sailings.The decision has come after earlier last year P&O sold the ever popular Adonia to Azamara Cruises and also announced that they will be introducing two brand new mega family ships for 2020 and 2020.P&O Aurora has been a long time favourite with P&O regulars, she is one of their medium sized ships in a fleet of 7 (onc...

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Feb 21 2018 04:39:44:000PM

Your One Stop Shop -The Elbe

By Jill Johnson

Jill Johnson's blog

We tend to speak about the more popular Rivers such as the Rhine, Danube, & the Mekong etc but what the other lesser known ones,this week i’m going to talk about -The Elbe.The River rises in the Czech Republic and flows into Germany and empties into the North Sea at Cuxhaven which is near to Hamburg.Only one cruise and is offered by very few cruise lines which is a great shame, as it is a lovely itinerary- going from Magdeburg in Germany to Melnik in the Czech Republic or visa vers...

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Feb 21 2018 01:19:40:000PM