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Amy Ginder's blog

What To Wear And What To Take?

By Amy Ginder

So what should you pack for your cruise? Here are a few suggestion….First things first the absolute essentials the ones that you can not go without, passport, e ticket, insurance documents, credit card and cash and of course your toothbrush!Of course it helps if you take a few other things, here are a few tips;Important items in hand luggageCarry all documents, medicines, essentials, and valuables with you in your hand luggage. If your main suitcase is lost or misplaced, can you exist w...

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Dec 11 2017 09:22:49:000AM

Royal Excalibur!!

By Lily Canderton

Lily Canderton's blog

No more check-in lines? New Royal Caribbean Excalibur App lets you walk right onto ship!Royal Caribbean this week showed off a new smartphone app that will let customers complete the check-in process before arriving at a ship.Upon arrival, cruisers then will be able to walk right on the vessel without stopping at a desk, as long as they have their phone in a pocket. The app will pair with a facial recognition system at the pier to verify their identity as they head to the gangway.Cruisers wil...

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Dec 8 2017 09:42:45:000AM

Moonlight Sonata and more...

By Marie Turner

Marie Turner's blog

I touched previous on our culinary experience with the dining options on board Celebrity Eclipse but this week I wanted to tell you more about how we got on. Our mine dining room in the evening was Moonlight Sonata which was beautifully designed very chic and modern. As a busy family we knew fixed dining wouldn’t suit us to be ready for the same time each evening, therefore we choose to try “Celebrity Select dining” for our first family cruise and overall we found the o...

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Dec 8 2017 09:00:05:000AM