All aboard Celebrity Again !

Well if modern technology works this blog should be appearing on 05/10/2017 while I am on board Celebrity Silhouette heading down to Israel and the Greek Islands, setting off from Rome on Friday , we are staying the night before and for the first time will be using the train to get to the port, transfers in Rome are so expensive , and while it is a fair distance i am getting to Heathrow from Coventry for £75 each way , they want £110 in Rome !! so we have booked 1st class tickets for €30 return for BOTH of us. I dare say the 1st class is just a quiet carriage, not expecting lay flat beds

We are staying close to the station so watch for my future blogs as I will give you all an account of how easy this is one of my colleagues has done this and tells me it was , in his words, a piece of cake ! We shall see !!

Last year we were on the Equinox for a week , not long enough, so 12 nights is going to be a real treat , I have not been off work this long since forever, so really looking forward to it. And this time I will be booking specialty dining when we get on , last year we booked the Tuscan Grille for our wedding anniversary , only to find out they do lots of deals on board, mid week they were doing all three for $90 pp gutted, as I had paid $45 pp just for Tuscan, I will be letting you all know about that too.

The martini bar has to be one of my favourite spots, we discovered the Black Forrest martini

It really does taste like the cake !! Cannot have many a they do have a little kick to them , fabulous for a pre dinner drink



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